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  1. I see. About the tech-related house, i thought this could use a mecenary tech house. And about the thread dying, can it be REVIVED9like frankestein)?
  2. There are rumors spreading around the Dawn Of War Dark Crusade chats that theres going to be a Dawn Of War 2, i know that this leaves alot of unanswered questions, but it sounds pretty cool. Also, there is a game called WarRock, just came to America from Korea. It has also just been released from beat and is for sale, ive played this game since early beta and found it quite good, so if you have a few spare bucks lying around, i strongly suggest buying this game. http://warrock.net/ Oh, if anyone knows of any good free to dpwnload and lay games that can get rid of a few hours of boredem, please message me.
  3. Yes, i got a bit from the Dawn Of War games. Im not really that original.XD.
  4. Shortly after the last meeting of the landsraad. High Priest Enginseer Alexander walks down the main corridor, Mentat and personnel guard following behind. Alexander:"Mentat, what is the status of our factories?" Mentat:"They are operating at half capacity my lord." Alexander:"Increase it to 85% capacity and put our services up to the highest bidder, i dont not think we can win this war by force, for the other houses of the landsraad, mainly the Harkonnen, Ordos, and the Atreides. We will have to plot our way to the top." Mentat:"As you wish my lord." 5 Hours later in orbit of Techno Prime, the High techpriest in his personnel battle barge and captial ship, the Grand Machine Spirit. Alexander:"Mentat, if we are to stay ahead in this race, we will need some new forms of technology, mainly weapons." Mentat:"Shall i assemble the 'Think Tank' my lord?" Alexander:"No, i think i will handle this myself, bring me some skrampberry juice"(A juice made from berrys found on Tech Prime, very tasty, and increase the chemical prodution in the mind, causing an increase in the thinking process.) the Mentat motions to a servant, who motions back(Behind the back of the mentat)and is off. The mentat thinks to himself *If the high techpriest is going to be his own think tank, then this must be some good technology, pure skill at work.*
  5. Great House United technologists Guild Leader: High preist Enginseer Alexander Planet: Techno Prime Tundra: A grassland planet with 2 large oceans Created following the Landsraad, the UTG prefers to stay ahead in technology rather than building a large military. They have well equipped factorys with which to produce large amounts of anything, be it weapons, commercial goods, ships, or a toothbrush, at twice the speed of any other known factory in the known universe. They are so upsessed with machines that they worship what they call the Machine Spirit, beliving that all machines have a living entity within them. Their main and highly respected tech man is the Techpriest Enginseer.
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