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Official Dune message board now up


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I love the hardcore prequel defenders. The best part is that you never see the majority of them in the "classics only" forum.

Not to mention, what the point of having a "classics only" AND a "calssics and prequels" forum?

an almost perfectly even 50% of the topics on the "both" forum are about the classics, and of course, ALL the topics in the "classics only" forum are as such......sooo......what? The number of people who not only prefer, but are moved to make interesting conversation about the classics outnumber the people who prefer the prequels by a full 4 to 1?

not to mention that if you want to discuss the failings of the prequels, you can't talk about the terrible, pre-teen demographic writing/marketing style employed by brian and KJA.

I mean come on, are they seriously asking for PAYPAL DONATIONS on the official website? The DUNE 7 BLOG is full of ADVERTISING!!!!!!


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