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damn,,that was creepy


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sorry for the hard language,,i just finished fear ..i went to the bathroom and it was a scary long way in the dark back to my room (my flat is not big) were i was looking around in panic with my eyes fading awy into the darkness expetting that amma thing to jerck off in my face  :O

good job serra i like horor.. but that was way way out of the line.....

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no no egeids its nothing like pokemon belive me... i am very mutch used to horor movies..i played

lots of horor games like (the thing)and the (evil dead) but this is no were like them..

its based on the horor of the situation  where the game creeps inside ure skin.. by acting on its own..like a movie.. and then makes u affread of what is going to happen next,,but still u want to go out and find the rest of the very good

made story (should be a novel) .. no nunu its not like doom..its not basaed on ugly looking

mutent that will start jumping in ure face all over the game...at the contrery the ai solders

will playe you.. manouver with you...even mele you.. its one of the best ai i ever played ..

against on hard level... they are called the phototypes ( the genaticly made super solders)

and they go wakko after the company (origin) will lose control over theire  psychic commander

(paxton) who can lead those super solders by telepathy....

the appearnce of a little girl makes things lot more scary...she is good....she is scary..

i dont know what is with kids somtimes that makes them so scary lol... i saw it in lots of movies

like (exorsit)..(good guy)  ..ex...

but this girl (alma) who is olso a part of this doomed project have turned into an evil phenomenan

in some way...is she dead??? is she a ghost?? is she a deamon? what is here relation to the phototypes?? she is just there were u can see here killing peapol, but why only u can see her  when the others cant?? and why paxton is escapping???

what is the  goal of those phototypes that they want  to achive so bad...this i will not say and keep it secret in case u wanted to buy the game...

the multi player is good olso but its an indoor game and after playing bf2 u will find ure self having closterphobia.... i know u dont have mutch time to playe both bf2 and fear multi player

so i guess we can say yes its a single player.. more likly its  a good story that u would like to spend few weeks watching and playing it....the graphics are amaizing every thing is real

on a system like ures u will be able to see millions of lil small fragment of glass when u break a window.. they put speacial work in players budyes.. when u shhot somone or blow him with greanade

his budy will react with same shock as a real human budy..i cant talk about graphics

get the demo and see (there is a multi player demo)...

just another ex of haw scary this game is i remeber one of the game makers was talking in the directors commentery show and he had a setuation similar like me in the bath room... he was in a

hotel and went to the bathroom...and in there he saw the  girl (alma)  shadow and olso

he freaked out...

well if you played this game you wont regret it..but you wouldnt wanna playe it again or even think back in its events lol... its one of those escap from hell ruches..

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*pulls out pocket translater* lets see it says: A plan to creat cloned super soldiers has gone bad when the guy they mentally connected them to went insane. Now the guy (forget his name) kills people for some reason (if i remember he kills them and eats them to keep up his ability to control the soldiers or somthing). The people he kills ghost remaines and will jump out at you at the worst posible time  ;D. You also catch a ghost or two wondering around that actually laugh at you while you shoot (and waste bullets) at them. Ironicly enough your the new recruit to F.E.A.R (First Encounter Assault and Recon) yet they send you off alone constantly. Also you seem incapable of moving what looks to be a 5-10lbs wooden rack out of a doorway to get reinforcements to you  :P

you should get it or atleast try the demo. dunno bout multiplayer though

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Also you seem incapable of moving what looks to be a 5-10lbs wooden rack out of a doorway to get reinforcements to you  :P

you should get it or atleast try the demo. dunno bout multiplayer though

yes lance leader u are correct in every thing u said.... but it allwayes makes me wounder obout peapol who ask some questions about games like : why do they send units to eria 51 when they know its infected or were dose the troups comes from in emp befor they ruch out the barracks..

guys comon it is a game so you want to playe or no?? i mean its not a team game like bf2 u know that the hero of the story is deffrent from the rest of the f.e.a.r team and he got a reson why he dont want the others to be next to him... remeber when the team first landed

on that harbor at the start of the game no one was there but him...u know that?

that little girl didnt realy show up if u get what i mean!!!  :O

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well to be real... nunu the game playe is better than bf2.. a shot is a shot and a kill is a kill

i remeber shotting a guy in bf2 with an assolt rifel in his head and it took him long secounds to die..i mean in fear the head blows up in the air as soon as the bulits hits it...

as for graphics am positivly sure that fear puts the highest standerd in fps graphics out there in the market i had so mutch trubles playing it at low graphics with my 5200 fx 128 mb..

as i told u the story is never less than the other things..its propebly better .

the game is perfect and rated realy high at game spy  9.6  i guess or somthing like this...

just get the demo and see..

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my synopsis of F.E.A.R. (on interval 7 now): excellent graphics, excellent and innovative gameplay (takes bullet time to a new level), and excellent story line.

*SPOILERS if you haven't seen the intro, haha*

the "guy that eats people" is paxton fettel, he does this to gain their memories, NOT to sustain his ability to control the clones. The little girl is not the ghost of the people he eats, she's a completely different character, and her name is Alma. Alma is what freed paxton fettel, and yes, fettel does have control over a clone army.

*SPOILERS if you haven't gotten past level 2*

Also, there's a really good reason for sending you, a new recruit, to kill fettel, and they DO send other troops, they just tend to be killed off very quickly (ie. teh delta team in the first level).


seriously, don't read unless you've beaten the game or are too scared to finish it.

[hide]you and fettel are the children of the little girl, alma. However, you were a failure in the project because you didn't possess paxton's psychic abilities, which is what the head of the project wanted. However, you have the ability to block out Alma, and effectively make yourself invisible to her, which is why she can't control you and scour your mind like she has done to fettel. You also have super good reflexes, which is another reason why they sent you[/hide]

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i agree with scytail in every thing exept for one single thing

and i will put it in hidden text olso coz it can spoil the surprise of the game

[hide]the player (you)= alma .yes you are alma and the profe is the final cut seen when paxton ask you what the first thing you remeber...at this seen paxton thinks he is talking to lil alma but he is talking to you. the the first thing u remeberd is beeing borned with him.. alma is not a lil girl anymore and she dosnt control paxton head she controls you..and want you to get her out of the volt whitch u do as u see her at the last seen at the helo free...

but she made you control paxton by making him think u are the lil girl

to prove this is olso from the last cut seens from the game if u compare it with the 1 cut seen were the lil girl go into paxton sell whisperring

kill them-kill them all

u wanna know who opend that door to paxton? it was you man see it the cut seen just befor u kill paxton ..when they show u opening the door saying i will set her free i will set her free..

it was u who killed delta team but the game put it in hidden meanning because when they got killed it was only u who got awy from them and alma the lil was never there..and alma the woman is traped in the volt[/hide]

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