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Stefan just sended me bad new's

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Stefan just sended me an email with the fallowing content :

EA is accusing me of stealing their rights, and this morning the police was at my house. They informated me that I got to go in a detention center while waiting for my lawyer. I know since a long time that they don't appreciate what I'm doing but I never tought it would went to this! I hope things will end right, wish me luck.

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Nice to know my English grammar is not the worst kind ;)

I think the joke would be better if said that i was taken and i did not mention it, but more like "there has been no news from Stefan within the couple of weeks, while we should have heard bla bla.." ;)

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would also have been better if the poster had a dutch flag instead of a canadian.. it'd look more trustworthy if another dutchie posted that he got contacted by Stefan rather than somebody living 20000 miles away ;)

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