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  1. How would I go about compiling this package on Linux? I know I need a 'configure' script, or at least a 'Makefile', but I don't know how to make one myself.
  2. Of course Stefan, that sounds great. And you know you have like a dozen men behind you here. Even if you start again in 2010 or later you will be able to gather enough people to help you with the project. But don't wait too long, or else anyone who has ever played Dune 2 will be dead, or worse, have a girlfriend themselves. ::) (After they get married they want to escape their wives of course and have plenty of time again) I know what it's like to have a computer with multiple OSes and you have one OS for convenience and one OS for hobby-work. You will auto-boot the convenience OS and never get back to the hobby. I have the same thing. I believe that any given computer should only be used for one task (and also perhaps in a single room). And I'm starting to equip myself like that. I just don't have enough space :P My problem is I want a convenience computer (Linux), a gaming computer (Windows) and a programming computer (Linux). Right now I have the gaming and programming on the same computer and guess what: it autoboots windows and I never get to programming. Another problem there is that the TV is in the same room. So I mostly watch that and play Solitaire when I feel like it and sometimes something more complex like C&C Generals. I could use my laptop for programming in my bedroom where the convenience computer is, but the laptop is ungainly and uncomfertable. I do have another computer but what I really need is another ROOM. But I only have 2. I do manage to do some hobby-work/programming at my parents'. Of which the Linux partition on their computer I have set up to be great for programming, but it really is that it's somewhere where my other computers aren't at... I think.
  3. Quote: "about ea, yes, they didnt. And frankly i don't think they care enough about the dune scene anyway." Of course we're all still a bit shaken up about the April's fools day joke :P "There's an EA lawyer behind you!" "Waah? :O [format C:] Run!!"
  4. He had me.. :-[ :-[ Well done The Beast, and I'm glad you're okay Stefan, lol ;D
  5. Gilneas

    Linux version

    Hello Stefan, Will you make a Linux version of D2TM as well? I tried running it in wine and cedega, but the mouse freezes in the middle of the screen. It keeps returning there after 1 millisecond. Does the Allegro package use DirectX? And, if you at all feel like distributing on Linux, I could make a package for it for Arch Linux's pacman. (http://www.archlinux.org)
  6. It would be really awesome if the AI can build a base like a castle. Like the pre-made bases in D2. For me, building my own base like a castle was my favourite part of the game.
  7. Not quite on topic, but I'm too lazy to make a new one :P Can you add a Hot Key that will select a built item so you can place it? And maybe Hot Keys for each individual unit/structure. And I just now also thought of a cheat code so this reply becomes more on topic: the only cheat missing, as I see it, is the insta-build option.
  8. It's running brilliantly on my old computer P2 350, Fullscreen up to 25 FPS. And I agree with previous posts, it already is fun to play! That's quite impressive.
  9. I have some suggestions too: -Being able to select enemy units to see their health. -Using the border to scroll instead of holding Shift. -Being able to select a new unit without deselecting an old unit. -Removing the 5 second delay to build a Concrete Slab. -How do I upgrade a building? -Faster unit movement speed.
  10. I used a Super Dune 2 trainer (or so the site says) http://www.destinys-darlin.com/play/dune/sd2/index.html It's +4 (Inf Money (F4 or F5), Insta-build (F4 or F5), Lose mission (Num-pad minus), Win mission (Num-pad plus)) When I played the game for the first time (so many years ago), I used this trainer as well, so I knew it would work with regular Dune 2. I installed Super Dune 2, and ran the command "sd2.bat off" and then ran the trainer "trdune2", all in Dosbox of course. I'm about half-way done with the Mentat babble, but I noticed that every mission has different 'Advice' too...
  11. Ok, I'm done with the missions! It took me a while, because I kept postponing it, sorry. I did have it in my mind all the time. When I found the right trainer and dosbox, I was able to do it quite fast. Here are all the metat mission briefings, wins, losses, and Emperor intermissions. I will do the mentat unit descriptions too. [attachment deleted by Gobalopper]
  12. I'm working on Harkonnen, I'll give it a full afternoon ASAP.
  13. Gilneas

    Key Mapping

    X for scatter. Brilliant one on the C - Call for Carryall. By the way, do damaged units get automatically picked up by a carryall?
  14. There is of course a trainer which makes this quite easy. I'll be sure to do a campaign at the start of the weekend. (since I'm the first to post, I pick the Harkonnen) Do you need all the text from the in-game mentat screen too, with all the unit descriptions and such?
  15. lol yeah ;D I edited my post after I read it :P I get up to 15 FPS in windowed mode, and up to 22 in full screen.
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