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3. Water is needed to create new troops. Therefor also a resource..

If 1 and 2 are followed, 3 will be unnecessary. Water will be needed regardless of whether you train the troops or not - they are sitting in the barracks already. Thus, you can still train them, but they will continue to drain water (perhaps more due to greater activity beyond the barracks), and thus there will be the upkeep.

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Well, that would make it even more interesting for the houses wouldnt it?

Harkonnen = no stillsuits, meaning more water expensive (twice as much consuming?)

Ordos = Partially gained? Still more water expensive but not more then 1.5?

Atreides = Least expensive, 1.25 at max

Fremen = Equal usage, so they do not cost water.

For these values:

Atreides -> Fremen relationship can reduce water usage, therefor ability to have more troops while keeping the samea mount of windtraps

I don't know yet how to give harkonnen and ordos a real function or other 'advantage'...

at the moment :

Ordos : 80% damage (faster speed)

Harkonnen : 120% damage

Atreides : 100 % damage

The water could mix thing up

Ordos : 100% damage (faster speed)

Harkonnen : 120% damage

Atreides : 100 % damage ( stillsuits ubgrade & consume water more efficently )

[stillsuits ubgrade only avalable to atreides ( as int he movie, the water is much more in the atreides culture ), fremen should only be atreides freinds]

the idea of water silos is really interesting. I think the water element could bring much more strategic posiblity

Spice : The main economy, used to buy stuff

Water : Needed to maintain the troops, the critical level of water should be proportional to army/base size

Electricity : Needed for building and maintain base. ( when no power on : turret/radar offline, building speed is decrease by 50~75%, no worm sight/enemy attacking alert )

the water/spice could be traded in the starport, stuff like that.

The windtrap, capture water at slow rate and also generate power.

you can also build 3 new types of structure :

1 - water silos : the structure is mostly underground ( to isolate from the burning sun ), there are some elements (to enter in it, pumps, etc) at the surface

2 - Advanced water gatherer : ( maby somthing that filter sand and rocks to extract some umidity) ??

3 - Sun pannel : the name explain itself.

we could find many other stuff to seperate the 3 houses

harkonnen cruelty and the drinking blood ritual, with not find somthing with that(mabe some kind of fenzy when that kill/destroy somthing that make them more crazy[they fire more faster but with less accuracy]).

and for the ordos we sould find mabe, some genetical modification or invent new stuff that suits to the dune univers.

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"when result < 1.0, meaning more demand then deliver... the units will damage, decay, or become 'houseless' (crew dies). >= 1.0 means enough water and nothing happens."

Not quite - you can store water, unlike, say, electricity. If you have reserves, you can go for a little time with less supply than demand, but it's when the water gets close to zero that you are in serious trouble.

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And storage facilities can be constructed. Like I've said earlier, windtraps can capture and store water, but silos can only store water (perhaps store more, perhaps cheaper?). Water storage is only essential in the event whereby you face a water shortage. It allows you to go on for a while before suffering from the repercussions of dehydration of your army. The destruction of a silo will take away that part of your water reserves. Thus, when you start to overproduce units and/or lose windtraps (thus causing you to have a lower rate of change of water reserves and consequently giving it a negative value), you'll take hits.

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First a intependent suggestion: What about letting the spice return slowly to the map after a while (like the newer CnC games).

Then a water-follow-up suggestion:

We could let a Ix-center (wich only produces the house special unit at the warfactory) train some kind of unit planting grass on parts of the map. The grass may be used as a sabotage against the spice-flow/worms (for sabotaging the enemy or preventing worms travel around your spice field) and a advantage for attach/defence (units on grass have 1.3 times the normal power or something)?

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i think that about water-silo, you can lay it as cell before lay a WT.

make it as another building. blend attr. of silo and cell

maybe you can make it bigger(blend) under building layer, like how to lay pipe in simcity.

i like idea that water maintain life-form, electricity maintain construction and vehicle.

it's nice and i dont sure that in dune world, what and where are electricity-generators?

may it uses sunlight? but old wind-generators still make sense...

if atreides have a good relation with fremen, so fremen must hated Harkonnen, and maybe so-so with ordos...

it maybe a solution when you make skirmish-mode.

but as i playing "rise of nations:rise of legends", it uses different resource, but it's came from same-as structure,

such as military-district(this game uses district to attaching to expanding size of city and get benefits from cities' size)

generating a "person-point", another will gen some of other points, but it has same # of types of point.

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Josh and Stefan came to nice idea of different water upkeep for hauses. I think that to balance gameplay a special building for house Harkonnen could be introduced. This building would contain Freemen devices, present in Frank Herbert`s book, that remove water out of bodies. This way Harkonnen player could sacrifice his infantry unit to gain much more water than he/she spend on training it. From economic point of view this is simply trade: spice + time spend on training of unit, time + resources (spice and energy) spend on building and maintaining the structure for water.This proces should be much more economical alternative for buying water in spaceport. It would also make Harkonnen really evil.

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Reviving an old topic, but i actually think this 'sacrifice' thing is a cool idea actually.

The problem at the moment is that I need to refactor things in order to support multiple game modes. Or, abandon Dune II (the 'old' game) and recreate a new Dune II with all kinds of new stuff..

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