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Tech Tree (for Stefan)


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Dune 2 Tech Tree


New Available Structures Each Mission

1: Concrete Slab, Windtrap, Outpost

2: Outpost, Spice Silos, Barracks(Atreides/Ordos), Light Factory(Atreides/Ordos), WOR(Harkonnen)

3: Light Factory(Harkonnen)

4: Heavy Factory, Large Concrete Slab, Wall

5: High Tech Factory, Repair Facility, Turret, WOR(Ordos)

6: Starport, Rocket Turret

7: House of IX

8: Palace

9: None


New Available Units Each Mission

Note: This list only includes units you can build. This means it does not include free harvesters, units available at the starport, etc.

1: None

2: Soldier(Atreides/Ordos), Infantry(Atreides/Ordos), Trooper(Harkonnen), Trike(Atreides), Raider Trike(Ordos)

3: Quad

4: Combat Tank, Harvester, MCV, Trooper(Ordos), Troopers (Harkonnen)

5: Carryall, Rocket Launcher(Atreides/Harkonnen), Trooper(Ordos)

6: Siege Tank(Atreides/Harkonnen), Troopers(Ordos)

7: Ornithopter(Atreides/Ordos), Sonic Tank(Atreides), Siege Tank(ordos), Deviator(Ordos), Devastator(Harkonnen)

8: Fremen(Atreides), Saboteur(Ordos), Death Hand(Harkonnen)

9: None


Structure Requirements

No requirments:

Concrete Slab


Large concrete Slab: Upgrade 1

Windtrap is required for:



Refinery is required for:

Light Factory

Spice Silos


Outpost is required for:

Heavy Factory

High Tech Factory

Repair Facility



Rocket Turret: Upgrade 2

Barracks (Atreides/Ordos)

WOR (Harkonnen)

Barracks is required for:

WOR (Ordos)

Light Factory is required for:

Heavy Factory

High Tech Factory

Repair Facility

Starport is required for:

House of IX



Unit Requirments

Barracks (Atreides/Ordos)


Infantry: Upgrade

WOR (Ordos/Harkonnen)


Troopers: Upgrade

Light Factory

Trike (Atreides)

Raider Trike (Ordos)

Quad (Harkonnen)

Quad: Upgrade (Atreides/Ordos)

Heavy Factory

Combat Tank


MCV: Upgrade 1

Rocket Launcher: Upgrade 2 (Atreides/Harkonnen)

Siege Tank: Upgrade 2 (ordos)

Siege Tank: Upgrade 3 (Atreides/Harkonnen)

Sonic Tank: House of IX* (Atreides)

Deviator: House of IX* (Ordos)

Devastator: House of IX* (Harkonnen)

High Tech Factory


Ornithopter: Upgrade and House of IX** (Atreides/Ordos)

*No upgrades are needed to access the Sonic Tank, Deviator, or Devastator. The can be built in the heavy factory as soon as the House of IX is built.

**The Ornithopter requires both an upgrade and the house of IX. You can either build the House of IX first or make the upgrade first, there is no restriction on the order you must do them.


I ran through the game seeing what needed what and when. I might have missed some stuff, especially if anything else requires more than one different structure to be built before hand like some of the factories do. I posted this in a new topic rather than pm it or something so everyone could see it and hopefully spot any mistakes.

Now it is time for bed X_X

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Your tech tree seems to differ from mine, I believe in mine the Ordos don't get the Ornithopter I think theres a couple others but I would have to play through the game again. I am running Dune 2: The Building Of A Dynasty Version 1.07

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If someone else wants to check things out, to for example see if their version of Dune 2 is different or whatever, here is what I did:

1: Backup scenario.pak.

2: Open it in wordpad or something, and do a search for every line that says "Brain=Human". Next to that line each time it shows up is "Credits=" then a number value, like "Credits=1500". Change it to "Credits=-100". Do this for every scenerio for each house except for the early ones where you have a quota to fill.

3: Load the game and start a new scenerio. If it locks up or something, your text editer might have corrupted the file. Try using another one (I used wordpad that comes with windows).

If it works, you should now have more credits than you'll ever need in the scenerios you edited. This makes testing the build order in different scenerios much faster.

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I'm pretty sure the Ordos have the Ornithopters in both 1.00 and 1.07 versions. For reference, The Building of a Dynasty is what the US release was called, while The Battle for Arrakis is the European release. 1.00 and 1.07 don't have any tech tree differences AFAIK.

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