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  1. From my experience, the AI gets money somewhere besides harvesting. Even if it has no way to get money and seems to have run dry, it will still sometimes go on short repair and unit sprees. No units being made, no repairs allowing you to easily destroy its buildings, no possible way to harvest, then bam it makes some units and repairs things for a little while before running dry again. I assume it is given a bunch of free credits occasionally. Delaying/destroying its ability to harvest does have a significant effect if its stockpiles run low. IMO not worth doing unless a good opportunity comes
  2. As I said before: there is one for each house. In other words, they are house specific. On my sound card, it is easy to figure out which is which by listening to the MT-32 versions of the midis both in the game using Dosbox and outside of the game. The reason is on the MT-32 versions the three defeat tunes all sound noticeably different. The versions of the midis that sound good on modern soundcards (and are thus the versions used by D2TM etc.) are not the MT-32 versions. On these versions of the midis, only the Atreides defeat tune sounds noticeably different when played on my sound card. Whe
  3. Right about the victory tunes, but wrong about having only one defeat tune. It has three: one for each house. The three defeat tunes all sound a lot alike, though, and depending on which versions you are listening to some may sound exactly alike. When I say "versions" I do not mean versions of Dune 2. The PC version of Dune 2 has at least three versions of every song. My guess is these are for different sound cards.
  4. I have a feature in mind too: saving or pausing. Either one will do. I strongly dislike having to start a mission over because I had to go answer the door. --Edit-- When you win a mission in D2TM, it doesn't play the proper victory music. Each house has their own seperate victory music. Is it that you are having trouble finding the Ordos victory music? I extracted and cleaned up the Dune 2 midis for my own use some time ago, and I am pretty sure I remember the Ordos victory music being in a different location than the Atriedes and Harkonnen ones. Also, it sounds quite different, which makes it
  5. Sfon


    And what would be the benefit of buying fremen with water, exactly? This would basically break the Atreides palace ability, and add what? Just another type of trooper? The ideas I've seen so far in this thread just sound like they would complicate things and bring D2TM further away from the original for no good reason. If gameplay is to be changed around, it should be for something that has a real benefit, and not someting that just looks cool in a list of game features. This is especially true for replacing power with water, which will need time to implement and change the gameplay from somet
  6. Sfon

    Key Mapping

    If by "quick moving" you mean giving orders on the automap, honestly I don't think it is very important anymore. In the original Dune 2 it made things much easier if you wanted to give orders to a whole bunch of units to attack something building sized or move to a general area, but now with the ability to select more than one unit at once it isn't as much of a hassle to just move the view there since you only need to do it once. Just about the only time I really miss it in D2TM is when I want to send many units in different directions from the base to explore.
  7. Sfon

    Key Mapping

    Considering that 90% of the time I want to drag the view around when I click on the map, and for me right clicking is harder especially with draging, I do not like this idea. Personally I think force move/attack should be used for giving orders on the radar screen.
  8. If someone else wants to check things out, to for example see if their version of Dune 2 is different or whatever, here is what I did: 1: Backup scenario.pak. 2: Open it in wordpad or something, and do a search for every line that says "Brain=Human". Next to that line each time it shows up is "Credits=" then a number value, like "Credits=1500". Change it to "Credits=-100". Do this for every scenerio for each house except for the early ones where you have a quota to fill. 3: Load the game and start a new scenerio. If it locks up or something, your text editer might have corrupted the file. Try
  9. Dune 2 Tech Tree ========== New Available Structures Each Mission 1: Concrete Slab, Windtrap, Outpost 2: Outpost, Spice Silos, Barracks(Atreides/Ordos), Light Factory(Atreides/Ordos), WOR(Harkonnen) 3: Light Factory(Harkonnen) 4: Heavy Factory, Large Concrete Slab, Wall 5: High Tech Factory, Repair Facility, Turret, WOR(Ordos) 6: Starport, Rocket Turret 7: House of IX 8: Palace 9: None --- New Available Units Each Mission Note: This list only includes units you can build. This means it does not include free harvesters, units available at the starport, etc. 1: None 2: Soldier(Atreides/Ordos),
  10. In responce to gatling gun for troopers: In the original, troopers fired bullets at close range. This the sort if thing you were talking about? To the rest: Soldiers and troopers are very powerful now. Remember, though, that the ability to run them over seems to be planned. This will hopefully balance that out. Yes, it is a weakness that Atreides doesn't have great foot units, but remember the other houses have disadvantages too. I played the Atreides for a number of missions in this version, and didn't find this to be a much of a problem. The infantry are great against troopers and are fine a
  11. This bug was also in Demo 2. Sometimes the AI's harvester will simply stop. This causes it to run out of spice and basically become a sitting duck. I assume this is because the pathfinding fails to find a way for the harvester to get back, as my own units also stop when their pathfinding fails. This happens a lot in one of the Atreides mission 3s. I think it is the middle one. In it, the enemy buildings form a sort of crescent around a patch of spice, and it is there where its harvester gets stuck. My suggestion is this: Either time how long it takes for each of the AI's harvesters to get back
  12. I understand the desire to make deviators not stink, but this sounds completely broken. Think of it this way: they can eliminate any unit with only one hit *and* give you one of each unit it destoys. A bunch of deviators working together would basically be invincible and could eliminate any threat of enemy units in seconds. True, any group of units can be powerful, but nothing even close to being this powerful. Also, wouldn't it break the new unit vs. unit balancing? With deviators like this, you'd only need other types of units for damaging buildings. You wouldn't even need other types of uni
  13. Things are looking great in demo 2. Dune 2 was my favorite PC game in its day, and I still enjoy playing it. Its simplicity compaired to other RTS games with their complex build trees and such gives it a charm I still cannot resist. Looking in the controls document, I didn't see anything for pausing the game. Also, the text during mission briefings and such could stand to be quite a bit bigger. Neither of those those things are a big deal, though if it is not too much trouble to add/fix them in demo 3 it would be nice ;D
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