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Key Mapping


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We should be asking ourselves what things we want to be able to do via the keyboard. Here're a few suggestions.


CTRL Force Fire

ALT Force Move (Crush, Capture/Kamikaze, Escort)

SHIFT Add to selection

CTRL+1 Set as hotkey group 1-4.

CTRL+F9 Set as hotkey map position F9-12

B+1 Build unit/structure in position 1 (or 2, 3, etc) of sidebar


P Place building

D Deploy

R Repair selected building (DII) OR Modal Repair (D2TM so far) OR Toggle repair cursor (C&C)

U Upgrade selected building

S Stop unit

C Have unit call a carryall

H Center on conyard. If more than one, center on conyard with lowest ID, then, if H is pressed again, cycle through all conyards. If no conyard, center on lowest numbered Palace, Outpost, Heavy Factory, Light Factory, Starport, WOR, Barracks, Refinery, Hi Tech Factory, Repair Facility, Ix, Windtrap, Rocket Turret, Turret (if no palace, find an outpost, etc) and do not cycle.


HOME Previous construction group

END Next construction group

PGUP Units/Buildings scroll up

PGDN Units/Buildings scroll down

ARROWS Move view of battlefield

ESC Quit

F1 Mentat

F2 Options

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I have a couple suggestions.

Right click on the radar to move your view to that location, left click on radar to order units to move there if selected. Kind of like how the Total Annihlation map worked.

Considering that 90% of the time I want to drag the view around when I click on the map, and for me right clicking is harder especially with draging, I do not like this idea. Personally I think force move/attack should be used for giving orders on the radar screen.

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I want to know when ( demo 4 or v1 ) you gonna focus on implanting a good control system with the ideas that people are asking in this post.

ctrl Force move/ alt force attack, x makes units scatters, the quick radar fonction and other common rts controls?

also 2 things that would be cool are

1 double Left click on one unit, select all units of the same type your can see in the screen.

a quick key, that select all unit in the screen and if you double hit that key select all the units in the map.

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Actually, with 'quick moving' how much time do you 'save'? I always found my units not moving exactly where i wanted using quick move, so i did not use it. However, i could make a ctrl-F5/F9 so you can quick jump around?

If by "quick moving" you mean giving orders on the automap, honestly I don't think it is very important anymore. In the original Dune 2 it made things much easier if you wanted to give orders to a whole bunch of units to attack something building sized or move to a general area, but now with the ability to select more than one unit at once it isn't as much of a hassle to just move the view there since you only need to do it once. Just about the only time I really miss it in D2TM is when I want to send many units in different directions from the base to explore.

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