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Best Games of 2005


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Well, another year ends.

And I thought spicing the worst game thread with some positive recommendations.

Here are the best games I've played this year.

(In order of how much I loved them, though not usually so decisive why is one before another)

And I even decided I'll put a few images so you can see what I'm talking about (Which took 5 minutes more!)

6. Fable: The Lost Chapters

I saw very little excitment around for Fable actually. And Xbox guys seem to even hate it (The version came unready  or something). But on the PC it was great. It's not as comprehensive as a lot expected, it's just a small good RPG with big results for every decision you make. The Good & Evil thing works very well for fable. And that is surprising considering how bad Black & White 2 is (the only game I remember from this year that I started playing and didn't finish).

But then again, maybe I don't play enough RPGs to know what's good.


5. Tekken 5

Best fighting game around, and I don't wanna hear people pull out other fighters like Soul Calibur III. Tekken 5 is fantastic, corrects the abomination that Tekken 4 was and is the best game to play with some friends on the PS2 while laughing at ech other. Tekken 5 is the perfection for PS2 as was Tekken 3 for the PS1.


4. GTA: San Andreas

God knows how Rockstar could shove so much in one game. And while the graphics seem a bit low tech on the PC the experience is insane. You can do anything there, and it's so radical that while getting into a tennis club in the game I found it odd that I'm not able to play tennis. And all these small additions don't take down from the excellent missions, fantastic voice acting which creates for some funny stuff around (But not as much as the next game on the least.


3. Pshyconauts

90,000 copies is what Pshyconauts sold all around. Very bad for a game of this magnitude. Makes it an utter failure. And that's a shame because it's the funniest game I've seen for a long time. It's sharp, full of artistic design, fantastic ideas and doesn't get boring (Until the last level, which isn't as good as the rest). Played it on the PC, but Xbox and PS2 should be just as good.


2. Shadow of the Colossus

Maybe because I just finished it, but I honestly believe this is one of the best adventure games of all time. Think something in the style of Another world and the old freaky adventure games. Excellent finale, and one of the most rewarding experiences plus fantastic direction make this game touching and an extremely unique experience.

Solitary hasn't been so fun for a long time.


1. Civilization IV

Well, how come a game that's supposed to be a re-hash of a 15 year old concept is so good? Because after a lot of iterations Firaxis finally fixed some of the nastier childhood deseases of the genre. The micromanagment is almost completely gone. It's vanished so well that this game can actually be played online and still be very fun (Well, if you're good on the diplomacy side, otherwise it can get very frustrating when the world teams on you). The game is balanced excellently and gives you big freedom in working your way to victory (I once got Fission going without literature, which means my scientists could split an atom, but can't write about it for next generations...)

The only question left, is what can Firaxis fix for Civ 5 now?



And now, what games did you like?

EDIT: Spelling and grammer.

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I got to playing God of War only in 2006, sorry.

But I must admit the technologically it's brilliant, the frame rate doesn't slow for a second and it is all animated fluidly.

But end of the game, Shadow of the Colossus is way better creation, and even maybe a better game. :)

Two thrones is good, but doesn't put a fight to the level of the other games here, except maybe Fable which is very debatable because I understand a lot of people weren't happy about.

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As strange as it seems, I would bring up 2 rather unknown games:

Galactic Civilizations II (Civilization IV, in space) - ah well... Frebruary 2006, but it's written already ;D

and Supreme Ruler 2010; this thing is real

"Not another Tank Rush game, but a game where a real world economy must support a real world military."

If GalCiv2 was 2005 it would probably go in the list....

Too bad ah?

No matter, next year.

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