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Something fishy online


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I tested WoL to and I cannot login like usual. I go to the login sceen and it won't download channel.does this mean that if WoL doesn't operate then both xiws and ra server can't operate?

If it is server update then it shouldn't be a problem should it?

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Last night Whistler and I tried to play a game and both of our computers froze at the connection screen. I wonder if this thread of Nunu's-


could have anything to do with the problem we all seem to be experiencing. (I just love Olaf's enigmatic answers, LOL) I think in his day job he must be a corporate lawyer.....

But what I really don't understand is, how it is apparently happening on all the servers, What do they have to do with one another? I thought all the server did was to set up the handshake between the players and then get out of the way.  What does XWIS, or even W.O.L.  still have to do with RA1024's server? I wonder if they are in some way inter-dependent?

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Both Ra's and XWIS crash when they hit connection screen

Been trying to start a game like 20 times and each time same result ..... feezes after 5 seconds at con screen.

Same here,

I cannot get a LAN game going on same errors. This is getting pretty wierd.

Have put my server back online but the same error during loading.IP plz try.

Looks like there is a self destruction device in emp.

Ords SoW rules the spice (skrimitch only) :-[

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Cybo, I wouldn't wait for 3-5 minutes just to wait for the download channels to connect me, lol.

It should only always take 2 seconds but I would have to cancel the download upto minimum 3 times and then I would get to the lobby (if it was working.)

But no it wasn't happening.

We had this situation before! It's nothing to get worked up aboutas it;s just a matter of time that the servers together, will be up and running. :-

Check this from last year.


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can somone please  volunteer and tell us why this is happening from the technical way.

  your silence is strange and prolong more than nessary. and some of us are allready freaking out.....

  forum staff, djcid  do have any technical comment ?  :-X

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Hi guys.

Sorry for being away myself, we  were testing a LAN over Internet feature that let us play emp even though we made the game think it was LAN ( no servers involved :P) and I managed to mess my computer up a little, so I as away fixing that.

I will explain more about that later if anyone wants to play that type of LAN over Internet game.

As for this issue, I havent got a clue. Its up to people on the servers side to speak up, RA, Mr Olaf and anyone else who knows exactly how they work. I atoo thought servers only do handshake introductions between computers, and so the fact that one server goes down (WOL) shouldnt affect the others (the whole point of a backup :P).

I have emailed RA (a day later then I shoul dhave due to my computer issues) and hopedfully he will respond. He might not be able to tell usmuch, but lets see...

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Erjin just e-mailed me about this and I have no idea why all the servers would stop working at the same time.  There really shouldn't be any dependence on Wol although there is data that I emulate that could have some bearing on this.

If you look in your registry under software/westwood/emperor, you'll see some entries under network that relate to server lists.  There's some reference to Europe servers and such and one of these may be causing Emp to look for other wol servers for things like ladder settings and stuff.

I'll have time this evening to try and do some troubleshooting if anyone's on and wants to try and load a game.

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Yesterday WOL was down, including the port manglers. Those are required for firewall port negotiation.

WOL should be up again now.

I just tested WOL and it is back online have hosted a game on WOL and it seems to work.

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