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D2TM - Progress screenshots


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Check the download attached to this post.

Its very first alpha of the new engine i am working on. I have blended some old dune 2 terrain with the new terrain of Nema and it turns out quite nice. It gives me the nostalgic feel, making it sharper and good looking all in one!

The only gfx i can't do yet is mountains, since there are no sharpened gfx of them yet. Apart from that, it looks quite ok. I design the game totally as i have in mind, so i don't need to change things from now on. When the game is finished, or nearly finished, things can be changed.

The current goal is to make it totally dune 2 worthy. So, playing all the original dune 2 missions. Having a skirmish option is important too, but for later. And probably only for 4 players maximum. The map support is 64x64 (which is 62x62 actually) like dune 2. So id on't need to worry yet about conversion to new map formats or whatever. The alpha game engine can load the seed maps, smooth them out, draw gfx, etc. I have removed any video memory bitmapped stuff, which works fast ONLY if you leave out several stuff (real shadows, etc). Since i don't want that (i want eye-candy!) i will use normal bitmaps.

Also, the game is in 640x400. Meaning, exaclty double sized compared to dune 2. Meaning, fast gameplay, eye candy and good fps all in one if done right.

For pathfinding, i will do as i have in my head right now... No pathfinding till needed. So, tht also means i can order tons of units without any fps stuttering.

My goal: Resemble dune 2 as much as possible. Give the dune 2 feel. Do it my way as much as possible, so i don't feel like coding for others then myself.

I have a 2nd goal, which is more open, and used for the community (make it open sourc,e, etc), but thats only when i have met the 1st goal :)

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Correction: Screen resolution is 640x480

Update: INI loading module almost 100% functional again. Totally cleaned up from modifications, so only DUNE 2 compatible. Example screenshots shows loading of the over-well-known scenario 22 (final mission of any house).

I have also made a little update on the mountain gfx, its not what i want final, but its looking pretty nicely anyway. Enjoy the screeny!

Thanks again for the support (mr Flibble, and others!). You will hear from me when there are updates, and as always, check your mail if something happens ;) But, for now, just sit back and enjoy any updates that follow.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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the idea is to make it C&C like. So if you click on an infantry icon (or trooper icon, depending on house) you can choose building/training infantry units. So basicly things get seperated a lot (unlike C&C where there is just 1 list of structures, 1 list for units (any kind of unit) & special abilities.

This gives a bit more room for variation later on the road. Being able to select multiple structures is an idea, but i don't know if its handy while playing. It would  be more handy to do 'select structure & build' then... For now, the interface is basicly done and the build speed will increase when having multiple structures of the same type.

For upgrades, i will probably just add a new icon myself with "UPGRADE" on it ;)

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That screenshot of the Atreides last mission reminded me of the nightmares I had from that missions... Death Hand terror...

Anyway, it's looking good. But it is a shame you are using jpg to convert those screenshots to, they give a certain blurry image to the screenshots, which contradict the new sharpness in the graphics.

Try gif or png

I like the sidebar, although the arrows take up alot of valueable space. I think the idea with being able to give construction orders to more buildings of the same type at the same time could wait for a while.

So just for now give people the ability to set a primary building, and that is the building which builds the unit if you train/build it via the sidebar.

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New screeny, took a while but:

- able to build structures now (totally rewritten)

- upgradable lists C&C style (see screenshot)

- tech tree almost 100% built in

- using real-shadows for shroud

- able to cancel placing

- able to cancel building and get refund

- structure health depends on type of terrain

Building structures is now more like RA/C&C. Meaning, you don't have to build zillion windtraps to expand building terrain, but have any structure close (aprox 2 / 3 cells).

GAME.INI is still used (same one as any previous D2TM version).

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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the buttons are big, yes. But then again, what should be on the sidebar? I simply resized the buttons (200%) and sharpened them ;)

I've noticed that the NoiseMedian filter (set on 1 pixel radius) can work wonders with smoothening of 200% resized "blocky" images. You can sharpen them then, it will look nice.

On the other hand, you may wish to keep the "blocky" thing for more Dune feeling ???

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I can't set it lower then 3 (in psp 9.01). It gives nice results indeed.

Got a nice update. Units working. Got screenshot too, but not yet here worth posting as its not yet as i want it. Most nice thing is i can port a lot from the old engine (some things though), and without porting bugs with it. I revisit the code anyway ;)

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3 new screenshots. 1st of them is oldest. The last 2 show unit drawing PLUS debug mode (by pressing P) to show passable stuff. I have different colors, so i can distinguish:

- passable due terrain

- passable due structure data

- passable due unit data

Most of the time, units have conflicts with each other, or with a structure data (unit entering structure, for example).

New features:

- adding units

- copied imperfect , bad, ugly, pathfinding of latest demo (so its gonna be removed very soon :))

- spice blooms can explode

- simple mouse interaction (moving, etc), possible to move enemy units at this point

- building your base, including almost complete tech - tree

- NO unit building yet


[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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2 new screenshots:

- introducing unit building (not all of them yet)

- spice meter and power meter (power meter seems to be broken, ugh:( )

You see:

simple base building

harvesting harvesters

carry-all bringing a harvester (due recently placed refinery)

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Hehe, and it is!

Dune 2 stylebuilding , so yes, no more spaces. Extend with those slabs and walls. Yehaw.

Building stuff is really easy, flexible, and fast. Setting up primary buildings is already in. I have used a lot of code from the ARRAKIS version of the previous D2TM project. A lot is bug-free from there, so its a good solid base.

Before anyone asks, i will release a version when something is truly playable. Meaning, it should have a menu, briefing, select scenario, play. Win/LOSE, etc.

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