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    Me what i would like is you to finish that one complety first...Then if you want a java version then it's okay. But i will realy like that you finish that version now that version is stall in the last version for a while now.. a new version will be nice ;)
  2. heavy trooper so you finish arkonen 9 i try several times but unsuccessfull with the original no problem i think the rocket turret should be more powerfull that what save me in the original dune2 making three rockets turrets but not working in the new dune i just got pounded every where.... what tactic did you use for finish the 9 level i think it should be tones down a little bit to tought...
  3. when i read Josh post i gave me an idea for tank with shields tech.... So when you have the IX house you could build in heavy factory a thank with shield technology so you would just add anothers graph bar for the shields then hull platting.... Just and idea what do you think........
  4. stefan wrote: You mean stand ground? Yes, exactly and not moving when others units approach.... Thank you...
  5. They're something if possible i will like you to change or add is the units are moving everytimes somebody approach and for me this is annoying in the original they stay they're and don't move so is it possible to just put a guard command to units so they stay in place not moving... Thank you...
  6. What do you mean exactly? I mean take a trike click completly left when it is at the edge off the map click completly right to others edge in a straight line if possible of the maps IF a vehicule is in his path it will stop there and do nothing. I try this several times and he always get stuck and do nothing... Hope you unterstand now if it i will try to post picture.....
  7. thing i have found for nows is the path problem for trike and others if you click like right and then completly left for mapping if the trike found anothers one in is patch it will stop right there and not move... And you can't click on the radar screen for moving vehicule you can do this with the original dune2... Continue your great work...
  8. WOW this project is going well already new demo coming out 3 :) And very happy i have seen so many project crash and burn so finaly a project that go very well..... SO if i unterstand this it will be demo 3 demo 4 and 1.0 SO you will not see like beta 1,2,3 and RC 1,2,3 correct ???
  9. yes i did download the new demo 2 still do the left and right mouvement of the screen i found a trick i move my mouse completly down and go to building and move my mouse up and move to the others screen so no mouvement left and right.... I need something to slow it down like a options maybe v-sync or something to slow down to around 100 FPS.
  10. i just download the new demo and try it for a while and the demo is to fast for me when i click to build something and move to place the screen move left and when i return move right again beside that the game is great. I got around 400 FPS playing the first few mission arkonen. Can't wait for the next demo..... :)
  11. Can wait for next demo it will be cool. I am happy the mouse thing is fix.because just upgrade my machine with a Pentium IV 3.6G and a Geforce 7800GT. SO i need something to slow it down will you have the option like the original like slower.slow.normal.fast.fastest ??? And continue your great work !!!
  12. That was exactly the game i wanted.... Thank you Stefan and continue your great work... The new screenshot look great...
  13. They look great !!! continue your good work.....
  14. Yep i think just a simple dune 2 clone will be fantastic and then you could add stuff later on. From version to version 1.0 2.0 and 3.0 and ect..... IF you do this i am prettty shure you will have a full playable version under a years!!!
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