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Why is he called the Red Duke


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It was very confusing though, I mean who where the Handelers? How did The Weapon work? Who where those people who keep phasing in and out in front of Duncan? I was totally confused by the time I finished reading the book.

And does anyone have an answer to my orginal question?

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Not that I know of. Yueh says(thinks/thought) only the emperor calls him the red duke.

Chapterhouse was good. If you think it was confusing read it again sometime. It should be easier to read. Although you will be left with all the same questions, but it makes it funner to fill in the blanks with whatever you want to think.

More confusing is trying to read heretics of Dune before reading god emperor of dune :P

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I thought God Emperor was the most complex.

For me it was the fact that I had gotten used to the Duniverse, then Frank jumped 5000 years into the future, and you had to learn everything over again. The same thing happens with Heretics (no-ships wtf? ;)).

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Pretending the prequals didn't exist, how come Duke Leto is called the Red Duke? I rememeber the Sardukar calling him that, but did it really describe why he is called that?

Actually Gunner is right, the Atreides hawk is red. I don't know this is true of emperor but in dune 2000 the Atreides hawk is blue and the the harkonennen bull is red with glowing eyes. I imagine that this was done to show non dune fans the "evil" and "good" houses of the dune universe.

Anyways this seems like a good thread to ask; could someone refresh my memory as to who the Honored Matres are?

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