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  1. If anyone has this game please give me a review. I am gonna get this game for Christmas.
  2. This is a descrace to Frank Herbert. As the terroists in Team America say: Dirka Dirka, Mohammad Jihad! >:(
  3. I heard its comming out next month I recall, and it will be moddable so we could create a Dune mod and play it online. It will also be in 3-D and have a much simpler interface. Can't wait till it comes out.
  4. I thought Bush refused any aid from Venezuela?
  5. The wikipedia entry said that Jack called Hillary Clinton Benidict Arnold for not supporting him on an issue. And I heard he is trying to sue Mircrosoft for makeing the game bully, what a retard. Hope he loses the case and loses all his credability. And if microsoft loses, they can always send in Master Chief ;D Wow this is the first time I admit I am rooting for Microsoft.
  6. Sorry for bringing a slightly old topic back to life, but I just Wikipediaed Jack Thompson and I am very disgusted of what he has done. I heard he tried to get someone fired who "threatend" him with a AIM smilly. And since I finally decided that link you gave, I am disturbed that he threatens to sue anyone who disagrees with him or called them retarded crack monkeys.
  7. I'm surprised the looters didn't even try to shoot bush. I have a feeling that bush will be the 5th president to be shot and killed pretty soon. Probably by someone who is related to a dead soldier in Iraq or a New Orleans survivor.
  8. Well just like Nostradomis predicted, World War 3 is gonna happen 3 months from now or 2007, and now there are even better reasons for the US to start it. Let's face it.. WE'RE SCREWED!!!!!!! :'( :O :( >:(
  9. Don't see anything wronge with shooting looters, they don't deserve to live if they have to steal from others just to make more money when they should be looking for cover.
  10. I have only one thing to say.. AMERICA'S SCREWED!!!!!
  11. *Says in Arnold like voice, "Sara Connor?" :D
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Herbert The Wikipedia section on Frank Herbert says that the prequals of Dune were popular amoung fans. I find that really hard to beleive, whats your say on it?
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