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  1. I just thought that the Tilaxeu had too much of an edge during the game. Hell, they seemed to have more of an edge of the Harkonens (the most evil faction in Dune itself). I never played the end with the Harkonens, but it makes me shudder to make them even somewhat of the good guys.
  2. One thing that truly seperates Dune from Starwars is that George Lucas (the corperate whore he is) allowed it to be comercialized and marketed. Frank Herbert was different. Frank Herbert had an opprotunity to make a movie in the late 70s that would compare with Star Wars, but once the movie was ready, Herbert rejected it. He then turned to David Lych (another artist) and made the 80s movie we all know today. Sure that movie didn't have special affects or graphics like Star Wars did, but I personally thought it was a great movie. However, what they really could have done was to make the movie m
  3. Chosenone


    He said it the best. Aliens and Dune do not mix. The closest thing to an alien probably are guild navigators (who were originally human). This is what makes Dune THE science fiction story, it never made any cheesy "evil race" or anything like that.
  4. ^ I would agree with that too, because he was all "with the people", but in the year 10,191 AG, I think communism would have been ignored completely, let alone reconize red for it's color.
  5. Am I the only one who thought that the plot for the final level was just plain stupid. I think that the whole "Emperor Worm" was completely lame and was a cheap immitation of Leto II in Emperor: God of Dune. It had no relationship to the whole story of Dune. The Tilaxeu (never learned how to spell their name) weren't fit to be the main villians. They're more of a "side dish" villian faction, while the Corrinos and the Harkonens are the main villians. Also, it didn't make sense that the spacing guild has helped them out. The Guild wanted an Emperor back for their interest, so it doesn't make se
  6. I've played Emperor back in 2001, and I thought it was the greatest strategy science fiction game, and the most underrated strategy game. Even though I thought the gaming plot was horrid (especially at the end with that emperor worm bull and all), the gameplay itself was great. However, for a long time I stoped playing it and now a lot of things changed. I just want to know a few questions, mostly about the mods (this is why I posted it in this forum): 1. Is the online community still active? Also, do people still mass on light vechiles? 2. I've heard of the mods from a few of my friends so I
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