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Hello I am also working on a Dune II Clone.

I have posted a Screenshot and here is the link to download it.

The game is in a pre-alpha Developer Version.

The Menupoints "Quit Game" and "New Game" already work.

It doesnt make a difference yet which Side you choose. (You always play the tanks in the upper right corner).

You can move them with selecting them and clicking to the aim (also on the minimap).

With the keys 'e', 'r', 't' you can add Tanks beneath the mousepointer.

This game is completeley developed in C++. The floortiles and all Tanks and weapons + effects are designed by myself.

The pictues off the different groups are stolen from Dune2000.

You need Dircetx 9.0 to play it and a graphic card which supports OpenGL. (It runs fine on a P III 500 with riva tnt).

In the Data folder there is a setup.exe, which is started from the console. (The fullscreen ist taken out yet cause of developing reasons.)

But the Setup.exe can be used this way: "setup 1280 1024 32 60 1 1" the first 2 params is resolution. The next are in not fullscreen unintresting. The last is play midi Files has to be set 1 in this version, else theres no music. This is the original Dune II music. I made my own Soundtrack already but its 200 mb so too much to upload yet (in this pre-alpha release).

Yet you are unable to build buildings (they are already designed but have to be rendered and implemented first.)

I would like to get some review of "die hard" dune fans :) .

Soon i will have my own homepage. I will post its link here.

Here is the link to the game.

(you have to right click and save as and ten unrar both files at the same time after u unzipped them naurally :).)

(doubliclick 1 go 1 folder back mark both and extract)


So at last some things about my person.

My Name is Stefan Waldegger. I am 20 years old and live in Austria (Dornbrin to be exact :) ).

My Hobbies are my girlfriend, going party, and play computer games.

Hmm there arnt really many more intresting things about me.

I wish you all a happy time playing and give me some feedback.

Best Greetings Stefan.

My Job is creating Databases.

Things to do in Future:

There is a day night cyclus im my game, so all tanks will get lights (using them at night, already coding this 1 (using stencil buffer)).

Today I will render the buildings and implement them into the game.

Soon there will be a AI (the enemy will be able to build the whole base itself. Will search the best way to attack. And wont be a "cheater"... this means it got "fog of war" too, resources, etc...

I am on it to Design Infantery. There will be normal soldiers with mg, and rocketeers. The Atreides got Fedaykin too. Naturally there r Sardaukar and Fremen too.

The special weapons in the palaces arnt from the orginal game. Each Side will have a powerfull destruction weapon, like the death-hand rcoket. But I dont have a plan bout that right now and it isnt that important.

Then I will have to paint more floortiles (Cliffs, rocks, etc,...)

Carryalls and Ornithopters will also be implementet. When u build Ornthopters they will automatically guard the harversters. Lifting them up in case of wormsigns and bringing them back to raffinery. And if u got more carryalls than harversters they will transport units to reapir facility, etc...


There r some random crashes yet. But they will be removed soon.

Ps.: I wont give away my source code. And I am a Solo worker, I do everything alone, I hate other people to do work on the code cause I have to redesign the things they made myself all the time (I know that from my work.)

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Another Stefan to join us... ;)


I've downloaded the screenshot, it looks cool. Perhaps I'll have the patience to download the game (damn my SUPER-SLOW dialup connection! >:( ;) :D )

I think there won't be much feedback by now, since its summer and most of die-hard Dune fans will be happily doing nothing under the sun (Fune in the Sun, you know... ;) ) Well, but no worries, pretty soon you'll have more than enough feedback I suppose.

Well, keep up the good work! ;D We all welcome creative and talented people.

P.S. Hmm, perhaps this thread should better fit into Dune Editing section ???

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Hello and Thanks for reply.

Dunenewt, try right click and save as. The download works fine by me.

From tomorrow on, I will have a paid homepage, then u can download it in 1 file. (8.4 mb)

Yes I know sun and holidays by now, but I am sure some people wont have to do better things than playing computer games :). Under the week I also count to them hehe :)

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Okay lights are included (not perfectly yet, later they go over to the night smoothley, but this requires some of mathemathics, I have to learn first, you know when 2 lights are over each other, etc....) I dont use hardware lights cause OpenGL only supports 8 of them in 1 rendercontext. it is possible to include more than 8 hardware lights, but this decreases the perfomance much cause u have to render the same scene multiple times.

Okay enough of that probably nobody is intrested in those things :)

I have posted a screenshot.

A new Version will probably come out next week. Monday I guess you know coding all weekend :). (Probably my girlfriend will be quite angry again :) ).

Okay now I have to put out my mathematics book and learn those things... Uff.

Btw.: Tomorrow I will have my own Homepage. But dont expect too much cause I never made a homepage or any other web applications. The URL will be www.skaldi.at so make sue to check it out :).

I wish ya all a nice time. And when u read this topic please download the game and give me feedback :).

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Gilneas, I have just treid it to unpack the files and it worked.

U have to download both zip files.

Extract the both rar files into the same directory.

Open 1 of the file with winrar. Then go back 1 folder. Then select BOTH rarfiles in Winrar and extract them... Voila u got it.

Or wait until tomorrow then I will make self executabel EXE file which can be downloaded in 1 piece.

Okay Lights are in now. I didnt need the mathematics. I used some OpenGL tricks. I will post it... its quite fast to do software lights. (But to be honest I have already seen better ones. But it is beautiful enough).

Here is the code part:

void drawTankLights(float _x, float _y, float _sizex, float _sizey, float _colorRed, float _colorGreen, float _colorBlue, float _angle)



glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0);


glStencilFunc(GL_EQUAL, 255, 0xffff);


//glColorMask(0, 0, 0, 0);

glTranslatef(_x, _y, -0.1);

glRotatef(_angle, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);

glScalef(_sizex, _sizey, 0.1);

//glColor4f(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);


glColor4f(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.01);

glVertex2f(1.0, 1.0);

glVertex2f(-1.0, 1.0);

glColor4f(_colorRed, _colorGreen, _colorBlue, 0.15);

glVertex2f(-0.05, -1.0);

glVertex2f(0.05, -1.0);


glStencilFunc(GL_NOTEQUAL, 255, 0xffff);


//glColorMask(0, 0, 0, 0);

//glColor4f(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);


glColor4f(dayTimeColor[0], dayTimeColor[1], dayTimeColor[2], dayTimeColor[3]);

glVertex2f(1.0, 1.0);

glVertex2f(-1.0, 1.0);

glColor4f(_colorRed, _colorGreen, _colorBlue, 0.15);

glVertex2f(-0.05, -1.0);

glVertex2f(0.05, -1.0);




glColor4f(colorRed, colorGreen, colorBlue, 1.0);


And a Screenie is also in

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By the way I didnt notice that this is only the forum from Stefan Hendriks "Dune II the maker".

So i would ask a Forum Admin to move this thread to a better place where it belongs.

Or can I have my own hosted Site for it which is called Freedune?

Dune Editing isnt the right place either.

Cause I didnt edit an original Dune, cause the engine and everything else is done by myself.

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By the way the game will be completely modable later.

By now almost everything is hardcoded yet, but it is designed that way, that everything could be read from files.

A comfortable Tankeditor, mapeditor, weaponeditor, do already exist.

So it will be possible to do a 100% dune II clone with the old graphics in a few hours.

(Hmm it will run in OpenGL then and have day/night cyclus :) )

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Well, part of the reason why Stefan has the board is because he is making a project in conjunction with a number of other people, so we need to communicate.

Dune Editing has, in the past, been the location for new game projects (Redux, Dune Legacy), so it would be at home there. Here's probably not going to be a problem either, but prefix any new topics with Freedune, so as to avoid confusion.

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I have not downloaded any program yet, but i have seen the screenshots and they look great! Nice gfx, did you make them yourself?

You can have your topics in this forum, whatever you want. I have no problems with that.

Looks great to see someone else working on an own engine as well. Its a pitty i am in another -little time- period again. Sheesh. heh.

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The fgx is all done by myslef. Beside of the Logos of the houses, thosde are from dune 2000.

I made them with Photoshop and 3DSMax.

And I played ur game too Stefan, its very nice, and the graphics are neat. Ure much further than me.

I cant build buildings yet but just in that Moment I am Coding it, so that on Monday they are implementet. I cant do it eralier its more work than i suggested.

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Yep I noticed it. Its kind of strange that the page isnt available. VIA ftp I can connect.

I tried to call them but probably its too late right now.

U have to download it from geocities till tomorrow I guess. It doesnt make a difference by the way its the same version

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Okay just have made some stress tests.

When there are more than 800+ Units on a map the frame rate on my laptop (PIII 700 ATI Mobility (16 mb Video RAM, 384 MB RAM)) goes beneath 10, -> unplayable.

But I guess this is ok, cause on my Desktop PC ( P IV 2.4 GHZ Geforce FX 5950 Pro (256 mb Viedo RAM, 1GB Ram)) there is no difference and to be honest, there wont be more than 200 units on map. Cause I think in Dune II there was a unit limit of 25 per player. Correct me if I am wrong.

I will do a similar Unit limitation like in starcraft or warcraft. That means, units will need "food" (I wont call it food, I didnt think too much bout that, but till the game is that far it will take some time :)). So a Harkonnen Devastator will prbably need more "food" than a mg soldier. Harvesters and carryalls wont need any food. (and a Harkonnen Devastator will explode in kind of an atombomb, so if u only build devastaors with Harkonnen it is possible to lose ur whole base in case of a chain reaction.

When there are more than 40 units on screen, the framerate on my laptop is beneath 15 -> unplayable. But this problem can be solved.

I change the texture for every tank every frame. I only have to sort my Tanklist after the texture and then only change the texture when the tank changes. Cause the textures of the tanks are quite big 1 mb per tank + 1 mb per head, so when there are 20 tanks I push 40 mb around only for tank Textures.

When those 20 tanks are from the same type and I keep the texture than I only push 4 mb around -> 10 times that fast.

and on maps > 2048*2048 the game crashes, I dont know why yet. It isnt that bad cause this is REALLY big, but i want to get it to run, because principal the engine has no limitations in mapsizes. By the way the testmap in the downloadable Version is 64*64

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