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@Andrew should be fine enough, tune your opengl Options... Righclick on your dektop -> preferences -> options -> advanced and there you should be able to tune it. Turn all on highest perfomance in OpenGL

@Stefan if you want to risk another crash, could you try to add the tanks in the middle of the map, where the map starts? And only use "T" key. Thats your tank then and they surely wont shoot. could you give it a try? If that works it isnt a problem of creating tanks. And you can show the console with all kinds of messages by Pressing "C" key. Are there any warnings? Like sound couldnt bel loaded etc...?

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@Stefan so you get now the most current version. In this one the lights arnt working right. But the mapeditor can save now objects for the map and the sounddevice has been changed. There is no more 3d Sound now, The most primitive software directsound mixer. This should work for 100%.

Only extract www.skaldi.at/Patch.rar into the freedune folder. Make ure to overwerite freedune.exe and the data folder.

And pls tell me if it worked

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Okay the game is online again and working fine (at least by me).

If you have troubles hearing sound (canons for example) download the patch and try it with that.

Extract the patch into your freedune folder.

And please report to me if the sound didnt work without patch but worked with patch.



I wish ya all a good night.

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Gilneas? I have the same Problem with my messenger. Always when somebdoy wirtes to me, the music stream breaks, and cant get started anymore, only beside pressing "D" key... Did you have your messenger open too??

I had GAIM Instant Messenger open at the time (but no activity.)

The problem arrose when I hit the Reply button on this very forum. It caused a small loading sound of half a second and then the music got disrupted.

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