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Help using kobras and mortar inf. effectivly.

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I'm a begginer, and I see people claiming that mortars and kobras are great for offence, and defense, yet I don't see it. When I try to leave my kobras and mortars on defense, they usually overshhot and don't hit anything, and they can't move effectively. When I try to use them for an attack, I find deploying and undeploying them a pain, and usually my lasers, dustscouts and gas inf move forwards while I have to micromanage them to deploy/undeploy to get in range again.

Any advice using them effectively?

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dont go mortars and kobras to fast, coz they r both expensive, slow in producing, and slow in moving. if u would go earlie with them for an attack, ur enemy would go with gas and dust in ur base while u r moving over the sand.

and have always a few dusts before them, to stop dusts wich would run through ur mortars if u dont care. when the army is stoped, ur units wont overshoot anymore and they will hit verry effectly.

think about this combination more like a wall....than u will be fine.

but buzzaws minos and frems and planes r verry dangerous against this ciombo, so save ur ass also against those units. warriors elite lazer and dusts...hehe its always the same, u need all units to have a good army.


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Using siege projectiles (including Minos, Kobras, Mortars) against advancing armies is effective - but you must target the foremost units: by the time the projectile hits, it often lands squarely on the unit behind. Even if it doesn't, remember that it damages units over an area. And since you won't be damaging the front units much, you will also need more precise shorter-range units to deal with them - for this purpose, you use laser tanks, dust scouts, and so forth.

If attacking with deployable forces, always have each deployable group on a hotkey, so you can simply deploy and undeploy them with two keystrokes. I prefer to have one group of Kobras assigned to one number (say 7), and one group to another (8). This way, I can keep half my Kobras (7) deployed while they cover the other group (8) moving forward. When the latter (8) are then repositioned and deployed, of course, the rest (7) can safely undeploy and catch up.

Of course the applicability of these depends heavily on the context, but (with the exception of those you expect to be static, such as Kobras defending your base) you should definitely assign keys to deployable forces.

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This topic in mind, i just went online and found Margouila hosting a game, we did a 1on1, i took some pictures of that game where i used kobras and mortars and added some comments to pictures, hope they help u!

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Goog work dawg. I think the actual demonstration can explain it better then words (and it helps that you know what you are talking about :P). I was hoping a very experienced player could make a low res video to show how an elite might control the game in realtime. Reactions and concerns, etc. etc.

I will try to find a good way to do this without causing too much lag. But I can see from this that you can explain much more using graphics (pics and movies) then you can with words.

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