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  1. I'm a begginer, and I see people claiming that mortars and kobras are great for offence, and defense, yet I don't see it. When I try to leave my kobras and mortars on defense, they usually overshhot and don't hit anything, and they can't move effectively. When I try to use them for an attack, I find deploying and undeploying them a pain, and usually my lasers, dustscouts and gas inf move forwards while I have to micromanage them to deploy/undeploy to get in range again. Any advice using them effectively?
  2. Hello all, I used to play Emperor on this PC before, and it worked okay, but now after installing it I seem to have problems launching the game - the title screen shows for a sec, then nothing, then my mouse cursor is not showing anymore. I checked the proccesses and game.exe is running, but after a while still nothing, and then it shows me the "send error report" message. I tried the patch and it doesn't work. Any ideas? my pc: Geforce mx 440 64MB p4 2.4GHz 512RAM
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