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Dune: Total War - second attempt

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I'm sure everybody here already spend much time playing Rome TW, and also one great programmer was so kind to create a plugin for 3DSMax to edit RTW models. It's a solid chance, as the hardest problem of Medieval TW was the unit animation, which with 3D models wouldn't be so terrible. So, is there anybody with me on this?

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Perhaps models aren't actually hard to make, I expect it will be more just modifying the already made models and especially textures.

Open thing is mostly faction coding. Roman houses would be replaced by the Three (A/H/O), while SPQR will be Emperor and others will be such minor factions (Fremen, Pyons, Richese, Tleilax or Ix, etc, anything what we can find in Dune). Main power will be in infantry, analogy between Praetorians and Sardaukars is one of the things I don't have to talk about... Some machines are also planned, when there can be an armored elephant, why not Devastator? Well, horse- or camel-mounted cavalry isn't senseless as well. All we need are many little changes  ;D

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Looks like an awesome project! I wish I could lend a hand, but I have no experience with mod making, so I can do no better then offer suggestions.

I have one now: don't model the RTW Tleilaxu after the ones in Emperor! I'd give them ghola agents and maybe ghola generals (essentially give Tleilaxu certain bonuses for all generals and agents) and leave them with standard troops. Frank Herbert is probably twisting in his grave over such abominations as leeches and contaminators, wich were contrary to the Tleilaxu he had created in his books.

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Best help would be if you download CAS plugin and make some models, inspiration take from Jodorowski and/or Dune II cutscenes. Problem is that the campaign implementation is yet unsolved. I have not yet discovered all the needed entries. If you wish to help with the experiment, campaigns are stored in Dataworldmapscampaign folder, new campaigns are then in-game accessable in Single Player menu, under Provincial Campaign. Concept of the campaign (state from the end of this april) can be found here.

Tleilaxu will have a perfect Academy-like building ;)

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no, I prefer masses; at the moment (since begin of work last friday) I have made four units: sardaukars (Corrino), troopers (Harkonnen), rocket troopers (Harkonnen and Ordos) and light soldiers (Atreides and Ordos, perhaps I'll make skins for other factions soon)

Harkonnen troopers followed by Atreides




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Too cool to be true  ;D

Change the background... black hides the model alltogheter.


No shields (material shields).

The Atreides look too Roamn/ancient like.

But they look great.

I have some DUne music... from the movies.. tell me if you want me to mail it to you. but it's a lot of music.

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About the music... I'll have to get it again from DC++. Sorry I had an error and ALL my partitions were erased. The second time in 2 weeks. I HATE THAT. Anyway... I might send them one by one, or get a Yahoo mailbox.

Anyway...  :'(

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