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  1. If you take a great game like Dune 2 and make too many changes, the game isn't neccessarily great anymore. My approach concerning D2TM would be a cautious one, only suggesting changes to things that were a real nusciance in dune 2, adding re-playability like skirmish and multiplayer but leaving the rest exactly as is. That's what I'd do but it's in your hands Stefan. Whatever you make I'm sure it'll be fantastic!
  2. Are you talking small tweaks with this stuff or radical changes? Also could you use examples of what a unit does with the current combat system, and then what it would do with the ideas you're posting. Ie. Currently a rocket launcher will fire two fairly accurate rockets at a vehicle. With this formula and that anomaly the rockets will land somewhere slightly different each time. Examples like this would help me understand what you're talking about.
  3. Yeah I removed it to make it do something.. SpiceCapcity = 2000 (No // in front) the question is, why isn't it obeying this limit?
  4. Feedback for Alpha 2 Bene Gesserit: Time played: ~18 hours (over four evenings) Bugs found: ~12 Other issues: 3 THE MAKER MODE - I can click on the dark grey territorys that reveal original map colors, including one region for each house. Beyond that I cannot seem to do anything further at this time. DUNE 2 MODE - Harvesters collect spice too quickly (explained further down) - No WOR structure for Ordos. Only barracks. (In dune 2, Ordos had both) - Carryalls don't always face the way they are flying, sometimes they sort of 'slide' on an angle. In the several maps I played they did this on alm
  5. Yes, thankyou! 1) Still kinda naff but it's better than it was. The carryall jitters a lot, I wish it'd just fly in a circle instead of constantly hover over the harvester. If there's anway to improve it further I'd like to but it's good enough for now. 2+3) Solved. I removed all lines in the scout entrys except the XAF refence and added the 'loadflagonlypreplaced' commamd underneath. Now I have to go do this to all the other units and structures I don't want. :) I have another three I'd like to solve if possible: 4) Spice capacities don't seem to be working for me. I removed the '//' from "Sp
  6. I've made a 3d model of the dune 2 harvester and I'll post screens of it in a different thread once I've finished off my textures for it. (ETA 4 more days till it's 100% mint!) PS. Does anyone know if Emperor supports normal maps? Probably not eh.
  7. How would the 3d battles work? Would there be 3 infantry per unit card and 1 vehicle per unit card?
  8. I think dune 2 had two key things that I hope you won't change. (And they're only opinions) i) Limited Resources & Slow Harvest times ii) Long ranged Rocket Turrets The first one made you appreciate your harvesters and look after them. Because spice didn't regenerate it was more a spice rush than a military rush. That's what sets dune 2 apart from its remakes and other strategy games out today. It made you value everything you built and purchased, because if you lost your units and structures they would cost precious funds to replace. Attacks weren't so careless and ruthless either. Becaus
  9. Sorry gang, totally missed the word 'demo' on the page and I posted bugs for the alpha by mistake. I'll play the demo tonight. (Reason for edit)
  10. I need a plugin for max 6.x or 7.x that lets you export to XBF format. Anyone know where to get one? Don't tell me to use milkshape please, I hate that piece of %#^&. :)
  11. If you need a modeller and texturer, I might be interested if your game intends to be like dune 2. I'm a bit of a hardcore fan of the classic, and I hate what they did to Dune 2000 and Emperor.
  12. 1) I need to know how to make harvesters collect spice more slowly. 2) I only want carryalls to pick up a harvester if it's full or you order your harvester to return to the refinery. Unfortunately there is no "return" button for harvesters to request pickup like in dune 2... so I don't know how to best solve my modding issues. 3) I can't remove scouts from the game. It crashes when I remove them from the declaration and infantry sections. However, I can rem out the 'house =' and 'primarybuilding' comments to make them disappear from the build menu, but in doing so two empty spaces appear on t
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