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H2G2 (Or Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)


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OH MY! I can not believe this! I was just today talking to my brother at work how I was looking at my HHGTTG audio books and didn't realize they were read by the author Douglas Adams. I also have the BBC TV series of it on VHS. And the "More Than Complete Hitchhiker Guide" which has all of the H2G2 books in it. My brother has the same book but its bound in leather and looks like a grand-mas bible.

I was so depressed when Adams passed away, I was certain he would have made a new movie with todays technology. I bout fell out my floor when the earth blew up in the teaser, I couldn't stop laughing. DONT PANIC lmao.

Dude this movie is gonna rock! I only want to know is it all gonna be cgi since its done by disney/pixar? Its no big if it is, pixar is really great and that way they can really push the limits of our imagination.

Oh and did I say Dude this movie is gonna rock!! ;D

By the by here is the offical movie website


check out the marvin suit, he looks like a short fat storm trooper with a jack in the box head :D

I guess you could say I am a fan, have you noticed my sig for about the past few months lol

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hmm... now im motivated to finally really get my hands on this book, i've not been able to for so long (though i wasnt trying my hardest) i've heard from anyone whose read it that it is one of their most favorite books.

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all it says in the trailer was 2005.  But I dont think it will be set in stone.  Oh and I suggest you try and find the radio show or the tv program, they really were class.

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