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A Break From the Norm - Lets try to get FF on its feet!


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Has anyone played Warhammer Quest?  It works similar to that.  However, there will be a gamesmaster (me) and some warriors.  They will be taken through a dungeon which has treasure, monsters etc.  They also have stats that are decided.  The reason why it is in realtime is for dice rolls to be made.  All the dice rolls are made by me using a program.  When the adventure is happening, each person will be on my webcam (ie. they will be able to see me) and if they want they can request to see the diceroll result.

After the dungeon is completed, you then travel to a settlement (which hsa some events on the way) and there you can go do some things.  As I said, I just need to do a test to see what I need to change etc.. and hopefully once the test is done, other people can explain better.

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So let me just confirm that Bryroam, Rookie, Khan and Dragoon Knight are going to do the test for me.  Can you get in contact with me, I need to sort out your character thanks.

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