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Hark 7th level


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The harkonnen 7th level is where you are either Copec or Gunseng. You are on the harkkonnen homeworld. when you are copec you have to defend the palace and when you are gunseng you try to destroy it.

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Harkonnen civil war? Probably my favourite mission in the Emperor campaigns. :) This topic has been brought up in the past quite a few times. You might want to check out these threads for info:

Beating Copec with Gunseng:






Beating Gunseng with Copec:


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Playing as Gunseng is easy (oh, and Gunseng>Copec by far, Gunseng doesn't need to kill the current Baron, because he knows he would have been chosen anyway, Copec just made a small inconvience, now Copec is rotting in a chair!) RIGHT FROM THE START deploy your MCV, and concentrate on nothing but getting yourself a hangar RIGHT AWAY, build up atleast 17 gunships, but make sure to build tanks and regular soldiers too, you dont need to worry about helipads, you only get one chance anyway, when you have enough gunships, send them all at once to the Palace, some of them will get shot down, no worries, if done correctly, you will have destroyed the Palace and made Gunseng emperor

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