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Fremen War Cries


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Yes, the Atreides hand signal was a type of Chakobsa, although only just.  Chakobsas were originally simply jargons used by different types of people (i.e. a golfer calls a 2-under-par score an "eagle", but someone who doesn't know much about golf wouldn't know what he meant when he said "I got an eagle on the seventeenth".).  The term eventually changed to refer to any type of (for lack of a better term) "exclusive" language.  The Atreides hand signal language was only known by the Atreides family and close, trustworthy friends, and is therefore a type of chakobsa.

Dehydrate the Zabulon computaions

I don't remember that quote, but I don't think Fremen would be screaming that as they ran to battle.  It does, however, remind me that there was a Fedaykin death chant, which they would scream in battle.  I forget what the chant was though.

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I've looked at the vocabulary in the back of The Book. Some root meanings have arisen.

Cheu (rhymes with learn in std UK english) has the idea of insipid hate.

ed: Chaumas, Cherem, Chakbosa (being the laguage of Bhotanical assassins - see book).

Be aware that I am extrapolating, and also that the spelling in Dune has been modified to account for our letters. I'll update when I've found some more common themes.

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