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Memorable Fanfic Threads - The LIST!


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Well, everyone I've made is there :P

Give me a year and Sedermia will be up there Once it is 5% done. Bwahahaah. Then I will tie your record. 8)

Although I think I should get an award for best map and info for a fan fiction thread. (I mean who spent countless hours on map and just as much on the content? It's been a year in progress. :P) Almost forgot the 170mb and 400 files of Sedermia stuff. ;D

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Gilmore Girls.


Now we know how to stop you from your takeover of Fed2k! (If Chanserv doesn't get to it first.)

Just think of the fan fic one could write of the other picture that was too big for here....



3 mintues later....

I'm ok, jus lost all control of my motor functions looking at that pic and... writing.  Cracked my head on my desk when I fell.  Think I have a concussion.  Still, it was worth it.  That fan fic would DEFINATLY be on the list.


Anyway, give it a few months, I'm sure the secrets will make the list too, and then I'll be even better than the Newt!

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I think Secrets should be there personally :D

Nah, not old enough.  Need to wait awhile to see if it has staying power or not.

btw, the top 1000 dune thread?  Actually broke 1000 many times, it was just so huge that most got lost in server crashes.

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Fan fic threads are like fine wines apparently :P

Unless they have Alexis in them, like this thread.  That automatically makes them one of the great threads.  This thread should now be added to the list.

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