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House Feud 2


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Finally, it's hear, get started... enjoy :)


Emperor Corrino - Inoculator9

Atreides Dominion - Ghosthunter

-House Huahin - DuneNewt

Harkonnen Union - Devil's Advocate

-House Emra - AK47 001


-Bene Gesserit - Dust Scout

-Fremen - Sir Sard

From the bridge of the Sardaukar Flagship Red Death the wreckage left by the Atreides and Harkonnen combatents seemed more peaceful than you'd imagine such a scene would appear. Such events were not common, especially between the most respected house of the Landsraad and other being arguably one of the most powerful. Each had actually had one of their more significant allied houses join in the combat.

The new Baron of House Harkonnen on Geidi Prime though was the loser of the momentous battle, the first in what would likely be a string of many. The young Duke Atreides and his allies had apparently overwhelmed the Harkonnen force, surprising considering the Harkonnen's infamous appetite for war. The Huahin though were an impressive group, small in number but large in claws, as the recently ascended Corrino Emperor's august father had been heard to say.

The Emra though were more interesting. Based on the wreckage, they had only turned out a few ships for this particular battle, but the ships were of an odd design that the Corrino Emperor's Sardaukar technicians were still classifying.

Eight hours ago he and his flagship had departed Kaitan for this isolated area of space, demanding a Guild ship to accomodate their journey. The Landsraad had insisted on an expedition, and the Emperor (born a naval genius himself) had seen fit to accompany the Sardaukar Fleet numbering 12 battleships.

It was outrageous though that only the Atreides had made the appropriate Landsraad filings for declaring interhouse warfare. The Harkonnen had probably dispatched their own reports recently, and the matter would be ignored. That was not important though. The Emperor had to weigh the situation, and consider where to position his fleets, who to support, and whether or not both groups should be brought more closely to heel.

The middle aged emperor turned from the view screen on his ship's bridge and stalked from it to his own expansive chambers, to contemplate the situation.

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"What of the Tak Ships,Commandant?"

"3 were destroyed in the battle,sir,and...the Sardaukar have...are studying them...Sir,"the Commandant nervously added,waiting for the explosion that the Viceroy was well known for.He could see it coming now.The Viceroy was trembling...the back of his neck was reddening...


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(OOC - Sir Sard, doesn't matter, as long as it fits basically into the Dune universe.)

"Emperor, a task force answering our hails as Atreides forces has attacked our technicians within the debris field!"

The Corrino Emperor turned towards his aide, thought a moment and replied.

"That would be foolish to say the least. It cannot be the Atreides, unless their Duke has gone mad, which I doubt since he is currently speaking to the Landsraad about his restricted intentions. One of the Harkonnen allies or some independent faction is trying to manipulate me."

"How would they dare?" Exclaimed the aide.

The emperor gave a dry chuckle, "It is of little consequence anyway. Enter the debris field and cover the technicians. The entire forces here combined could not oppose this fleet. We will destroy these raiders before their master even knows they've been engaged."

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(OOC - this post is brief to make matters for Ghost easier, and for Hark and them a little more interesting.)

The Sardaukar Expeditionary fleet held orbit above Kaitan waiting for the spaceports to be cleared. There would be no fanfare, the Emperor was aggravated at the loss of four technical craft while his battleships engaged the hopelessly outnumbered imposters. Though a minor fraction of his fleet, it still annoyed him. One of the engineer mentats recently purchased for the Sardaukar Armies was aboard the first ship destroyed.

The Emperor would land, return to the palace and await a response from the Duke, still present in the Landsraad halls having delivered his declaration of war against House Harkonnen and it's allies.

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The Baron's face turned sour as he read his messages and anger rose up inside him. He began to compose a response to the Viceroy of Emra

[hide] Viceroy,

I hope that this aggravation has been solved by now. If not, thenb destroy those ships immediately, it does not matter what it takes and how many men will perish in the attempt - the preservation of technology is much more important.

I trust that you will use more ships in our next engagement with the Atreides. House Harkonnen will not stand for neutrality or incompetence. You will use a significant portion of your fleet against the Atreides, but make sure to protect the Tak ships this time.

I trust you will comply,

Baron Revan Harkonnen


The Baron called up his mentat and ordered immediate scout missions in the Atreides space to begin. This may be the beginning of a conflict on an even larger scale than ever. This time, the Harkonnens will be prepared and strike the unsuspecting Atreides where it hurts the most.

Rethinking his plan, the Baron slid out a longsword from his scabbard and cut of the mentat's head with ease, before the poor ghola could even make a noise. The scout missions will not occur, they would make the Harkonnen efforts appear too obvious.

For now, a new mentat was needed.

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OOC:Sigh...Can I at least say salvaged,Ghost? :'( Pwetty pwease? :'(



My Dear Baron,

I would have thought that you would have heard the news by now.The wreckage of the ships are destroyed enough so no data can be retrieved from them,a tehnician mentat for the Sardaukar Armies killed,and although the Sardauakr have sent a task force that has engaged and most likely destroyed my task force,it does not matter now.The Atreides Duke is on Kaitan,therefore no one to gaurd Caladan,and if we strike now,rest assured we will not go without some damage.It may also calm you with the assurance that I shall dedicate more Tak Ships and others to the next conflict,as in the last battle we were hopelessly outnumbered,even if I had sent more ships.

I await your war plans,my dear Baron.

-Viceroy of House Emra[/hide]

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I was delaying posting here because there wasn't anything for me to say... There still isn't, but I guess it's up to me to involve myself.

The Bene Gesserit are remaining politically neutral, as always. A minor acolyte on Kaitan, assistant to the Emperor's Truthsayer, has been documenting the recent events.

We would, however, like to make two things clear...

Message to Atreides:

[hide] As you are no doubt aware, the Bene Gesserit are in the neverending process of running several important breeding programs. To get straight to the point, we wish to obtain a link to the Atreides bloodline, either through yourself, Duke, or a relative, male or female but preferably the former. No conditions attach, save that the child would be ours, and have no links to the Atreides family or house. They would not be aware of their lineage.

Negotiation over this request is possible and we certainly do not expect you to comply with our wishes for nothing. Awaiting your word,

Mother Superior Cassandra, Wallach IX. [/hide]

Message to Harkonnen:

[hide] As you are no doubt aware, the Bene Gesserit are in the neverending process of running several important breeding programs. To get straight to the point, we wish to obtain a link to the Harkonnen bloodline, either through yourself, Baron, or a relative, male or female but preferably the former. No conditions attach, save that the child would be ours, and have no links to the Harkonnen family or house. They would not be aware of their lineage.

Negotiation over this request is possible and we certainly do not expect you to comply with our wishes for nothing. Awaiting your word,

Mother Superior Cassandra, Wallach IX. [/hide]

No cheating now...

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Message to Wallach:


What are you willing to give me for this request of yours? The Harkonnen seed does not come at a cheap price. I require allies against the Duke, who has plagued the Known Universe for longer than anyone expected.


Message to Emra:


I am glad to hear this, Viceroy. However, it is too early to attack - and I am quite sure that an attack on Caladan would lead to nothing but a useless waste of usable tissue on our side. It is way too obvious to attack Caladan, and I am sure the Duke and everyone else expects me, Baron Revan, to do such. You must learn from history my friend. Selusa Secundus has shown us the true path to glory. I have the key to unlocking the universe in my grasp as well as a small ghola special forces unit with a small device that might have excellent effects. They have long since passed training on the surface of the planet Arrakis, and could be easily mistaken for Fremen in their outfits and glowing blue eyes. They have been taught to use a crysknife as well as other weapons Fremen are commonly caught with. But the main weapon which they carry will glorify Kaitan in the pages of history.

A distraction attack is needed however. I believe that you could provide that. Begin attacking Atreides border worlds and my fleets shall join in. The time for me to gain power has come. They must not find out my true intentions.

I trust you will not betray me now, Viceroy. This is the start of a point of no return. I await your response and your agreement with my plans, as does a similar task force that I dispatched on your own home planet.

Just a precaution.

Baron Revan


The Baron grinned as he watched a special task force leave the palace. It is now on their shoulders that his power hungry ambitions lie. However, everything is expendable and plans must be made before the previous ones are complete. The second option was already in progress as well.

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Reply to Harkonnen:

[hide] You are free to make requests of our resources including Truthsayers, concubines, imprinters, etc. These would be free for a certain length of time, in exchange for the Harkonnen genes.

As far alliances, we must remain politically neutral. Should you desire resources we can give them to you but militarily we are not able to help.

Espionage however, is another matter.

BG. [/hide]

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(OOC - as far as you know AK47, the Duke is alone save a few guards at Kaitan, why would him and a few guards being gone mean Caladan is undefended? This isn't a quick strike rpg, you've got to lpan a little bit more.)

Well,I mean,err...not in that sense,but just...this sense.I mean...well...just...Aah,forget it! :D

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The Viceroy read the message with a mild interest.A task force?Oh well.Nothing much.If things turned nasty,the Tak Ships could be used.But he especially liked the part where he had to attack Atreides border worlds.That would be interesting.He started to compose a message to the Baron.

[hide]My Dear Baron,

You have my full compliance.Raiding those petty Atreides border worlds will be...interesting,to say in the least.You will receive word when the first border world falls.

-Viceroy of House Emra[/hide]

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