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Legend of Dragoon - Prep Thread

Dragoon Knight

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OK, the Game Thread is up, as promised - it is called Legend of Dragoon: The Signet Spheres.  If people want a map, then I will make one if there is ANY demand.  I know that the history is too sketchy to get a decent picture of what I REALLY mean, but any questions can be answered if you IM me.  You can start posting immediately, but anyone new should POST HERE FIRST.  If you can't think of a background yet, then you CAN do as Dust scout has and make it up as you go along, as long as you make it up.  Happy posting, and PLEASE IM ME if there is any confusion.

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Normally, yes.  But it IS the Darkness Dragoon Spirit... I am going to make sure that Dust scout uses the Spirit correctly, and that he is NOT evil with it, for Darkness does not equal evil... it equals DARKNESS.  But if a Giganto can have a Dragoon Spirit (Kongol) then I feel that a Wingly should be able to as well... but there ARE conditions, such as NO WINGLY MAGIC can be used when in Dragoon form - for the purposes of any Dragoon-related actions, the Wingly is no more and no less powerful than any other species.  Also, due to the inherent hate of the Winglies by the Dragoons, I am considering devising some... conflicts. :)

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I think things are being taken out of context... the Dragoon Spirits were used for good from the perspective of the Humans.  They were, and always will be, for the benefit of the Human race.  The fact that a Wingly has been chosen as a Dragoon indicates that fate has something planned, and that maybe old enemies might fight as one... ;)

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Oh yes...here I am finally...

Name: Tiersun.

Age: 22

Race: Humans, male.

Class: Lone Warrior

Dragoon: No

Background: Tiersun grew up in one of the many vast human Empires and thus was an intricate part of their society. Taking on the role as a young Knight in training the boy progressively demonstrated his success with the blade but would later show an even greater potential at the bow. Before his mentors could properly help Tiersun wield his full capability his Empire has invaded by a neighboring human nation. Fleeing the grounds with his family as their lands fell the young boy planned to start a new life, but continue his training.

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  • 2 years later...

am i too late? or can i still join>?  ???

Name: Tarin Hawkwing

Age: 26

Race: Human, Male

Class: Anti-Mage

Dragoon: Nope


Tarin, as a youngster, became interested with the energies that allow one to use magic or Mana. (is it called mana in this thread?please correct me if im wrong) He studied it and its aspects until he can now cast magics on his own. But his interest was shattered on that night when the Winglies attacked his school, killed his friends, teachers, mentors, masters, and even his family as he watched in horror while hiding. He saw their extensive use of magics and vows to avenge the deaths of the ones dear to him. He stopped studying its uses and instead started to master its utter manipulation. Tarin now mastered the manipulation of Mana, absorbing it in order to amplify his strength or destroy it, leaving the victim unable to cast spells as Tarin charges to stab them in the throat, his favorite killing move. He takes extreme pleasure at the sight of killing spellcasting Winglies, absorbing the last bits of their strength and spilling their blood on the ground, there is indeed no other greater pleasure than that for Tarin...

can i join?

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Really happy that this has attracted some notice, however limited.  Just to let everyone know that, should there be enough interest in this thread, I would happily start it up again.  Would need to try and remember what I intended the plot to be, and most likely start a new Game Thread, but I'd be willing. :)

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