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Legend of Dragoon - Prep Thread

Dragoon Knight

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Great!  I got some attention!

To Dust scout:  It's a good thing you want to be a Sorceror, as all Winglies are born with innate magical abilities!  And I think Winglies is a good name!  Not as bad as Litluns anyway... :P

To Scrinlord:  You are welcome to either of the Dragoon Spirits, just post your character details when you are ready.

Just to let you know, it would be helpful to have their specs laid out as follows;

Name: XXXX

Age: XX

Race: XXXX

Class: XXXX

Dragoon: Yes / No


Thanks for the interest!  I will reveal the plot when a couple more join!

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All right,I'm joining.




Class:Manipulator Of Earth*


Background:Born into a warrior clan,Narzul quickly learned all fighting and magic techniques the clan had to teach.When he was 96 years old** he set off on a quest to bring glory and fame to his clan.He used to travel through towns and participate in tournaments for fame,but wound up on his own mini-adventure to bring great glory to his clan by winning land for them and other things.At the moment he is in the realm of Farol.

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Good, good!  Everyone is getting interested now!  I will start the main thread in the next couple of days (and by that I mean 2, not 20 ;)).  Tell your friends to come and join!  It will be good, if I have anything to say about it.

TO SCRINLORD:  Sorry I couldn't reply to your IM, but there was some kind of database error or something.  Just to let you know that your Bio was fantastic, and it has my blessing.

And, to everyone that wants to join, now is the time to be thinking about your backgrounds and details.  Just post them in this thread in the format that I specified above.  If all goes well, then we should be up and running by Monday (crosses fingers).  But remember, ANYONE can join at ANY time - they just have to post a Character Bio here first.

Thanks again for the interest.  Let's make this one of the best Fan Fics yet!

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Hmm... Very well.

Name: Elv'Tyrr (yes I kept my name from Junigard, so what?)

Age: Whatever the equivalent of early twenties is for the following-

Species: Winglie. Ye Gods I hate the name though...

Class: Sorcerer

Dragoon: Yes. Darkness. Mwa ha ha ha...

Background: I'll make it up as I go.

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Ok, honostly, im to tired to care right now.  I will take the fire spirit.  My story is remaining exactly the same, I will just substitute colors and words where appropriate.  I just do not have the energy to argue at this tieme in the morning today, and I have to much other shit going on to make myself care enough to argue, so i'll just have fire.

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Oh Potato Potato Potato... right, this needs to be cleared up methinks.  I have given this a LOT of consideration, and here's what I've decided...

1.) Scrinlord, I am sorry that I didn't get your message sooner, but IM was down for me that day.  I HAD a message, but Dust scout posted before I could post the reply to you.  Your idea about changing colours is for the best... (I like Fire better anyway  ;))

2.) Dust scout... since you DID technically get my attention first, the Dark Dragoon Spirit is yours.  HOWEVER, you must bear the following in mind...

(a) There was only ever ONE WINGLY DRAGOON, and his name was Lloyd.  He was an outcast, but very very powerful.  If you are alright with being somewhat of a loner, then OK.  You will not be PARTICULARLY welcomed by other Dragoon Knights, but that's just becuase of what you are - a Wingly Dragoon.  But INDIVIDUALS are different, and if you make friends with the others through the narrative, then that is fine.

(b) STAY AWAY FROM OTHER WINGLIES.  They are kind-of pissed off becuase of a BIG WAR between Humans and themselves about 11,000 years ago and they hold HUGE grudges... Dragoons turned the battle to the favour of the humans and the Winglies lost.  Some Winglies (i.e. YOU) wish to cast aside these grudges, but you will have innate prejudices, regardless (e.g. blasted harglukkin kinda thing :D)

© I don't care if you don't like the name Wingly ;D

(d) When you are a Dragoon, you use Dragoon Magic.  When you are in Wingly form, you use Wingly Magic.  There is no cross-over.  Just so you know, Dragoon Magic is purely elemental (for you, Dust scout, only Darkness) while Wingly Magic is wide ranged, but not nearly as powerful as that of the Dragoons.

Plot nearly ready, by the way.  Hope this clears things up.  Any more questions, IM me - but this is GREAT!  Loads of interest.

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