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Bush's speach to the nation

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I just heard the funniest thing, american children are to be teached to abstain from sex until they are married?

In a way this scares me as well, and shows that Bush is as big a fanatic as any moslem nation.

ya bush must be a sicko.... i mean who would want a virgin for a wife right???.... i know people want their future wife to be the biggest whore before they get to meet her and marry her...... ???

i mean what is bush thinking??

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I know Anathema, but it's obvious where he gets the idea from isn't it?

And for you Gunwounds, I presume you're being sarcastic, fair enough, but to be honest I think that's no bussiness of the state to even try to imply when it's fit for people to start to have sex.

Bush is such a freaking saint.

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ya bush must be a sicko.... i mean who would want a virgin for a wife right???.... i know people want their future wife to be the biggest whore before they get to meet her and marry her...... ???

i mean what is bush thinking??

So much wrong with that, so many argumentative flaws, I don't even know where to begin....

I guess I'l start with the biggest argumentative flaw, your stretching the case into the absurd.  Not every single person who has premarital sex is a "whore".  First, a whore is someone who has sex in exchange for money.  Prostitution has nothing whatsoever to do with this.

Secondly, simply having premarital sex doesn't mean you're going to go out and sleep with a hundred other random people who you don't know.

Third, you seem to only be worried about women having pre-marital sex.  So it's all right for guys to go out and have multiple sexual partners, but a girl sleeps with her boyfriend of three years and all of the sudden she's a whore?  And then, of course, no man will have her as a wife, which is obviously the whole point of a womans life ::)

Fourth, Bush's "reason" for this has absolutly nothing to do with morality and whether or not you get to take a clean womens virtue, and therefore the woman (and that's for life!) on your wedding night, it's supposedly about controling STD's.  Teaching only abstinence does not stop people from having sex.  It simply doesn't work.  Instead, it means that when people do have sex they haven't been properly educated about protection, and will be much less likley to use it, therefore increasing there risk of pregnancy and STD's.  Teaching birth control and the use of protection does help stop the transmission of STD's and pregnancy.

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Let it never be said that Bush has supported no good ideas.

Promoting such morality is a noble cause indeed, albeit through the means of (equally important) medical reasons. Next, I firmly hope to see corporal punishment for transgressions thereof!

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I just heard the funniest thing, american children are to be teached to abstain from sex until they are married?

I got news for you, they already teach that. 

Andguys, there's a difference between teaching something and legislating it.

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in Brasil we dont want virgins for wiffes... all the girls have sex and if they dont have they dont have the time to know her bodies and her preferences and because of this dont do good sex... nobody wants a whore for a wife but i totaly agree with NaMpIgAi pre matrimonial sex has nothing to do with be a whore . i remember a joke (look the pylosofy topic caled jokes to see the funiest things in the world ) a texas guy is talking to a brasilian guy

T guy - Here in Texas all are real Men!!!

B guy - strange. In brasil theres 50% men and 50% women

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"who was calling bush a weirdo for promoting chastity..."

He never called Bush a "weirdo" for promoting chastity, he said he found it funny and said it showed Bush was as fanatic about his religion as muslim nations are about theres.

"i just think that calling someone fanatic or crazy for promoting something good is comical."

He never said it was crazy, he said he was being fanatical.

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"listen buddy.... i dont need you to lecture me on who is doing what in the bedroom."

Apparently you do.  Every post you have made contains multiple logical fallacies and argumentative flaws, not to mention your complete and utter lack of evidence. 

"Did you go to a university?"

I'm in university right now.  Psychology major.

"but he dumped her cause his other pals keep putting pressure on him.... they made fun of him because  they said quote:

" Man you been hitting that p***y for the last 3 months.. that s**t is stale, you need to get something new""

That's called a logical fallacy.  Anecdotal evidence, completly useless in any argument or debate.  In fact, use of such flawed evidence usually discredits anything else the person said.

" am not saying everyman is like this .. but your example of 6 sex partners is totally out  of whack"

What example?  An example is saying "A noun is a person place or thing, for example, tree."  What I posted is a STATISTICAL FACT supported by multiple studies carried out in multiple industrialized nations, by both the nations themselves and independant studies, not some anecdotal evidence you heard in a locker room from some guy who claimed he had sex with a girl.  Once again, try actually reading peoples posts and stop making stuff up. 

"there are plenty of guys who are getting a diff girl every month.. because  of various reasons  from looks, to personal status to popularity to various other reasons."

Anecdotal evidence again which is doubly untruthful, because there is also statistical evidence that on average a male, due to social pressure, nearly doubles the real number of sexual experiences he actually has.

Btw, good job ignoring half of my last post.  You know, the Namp stuff, the medical evidence, the tutocco stuff, the sexist attitude that pervades your posts.  Nice job. 

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"heheheheh  .....  ya ok.... i think most guys would cross a girl off their potential marriage list if she had been  done by 6 different guys... i dont care how  great you thought she was...."

Once again, try reading the actual post.  Six people in tehre lifetimes, that is everyone, including the life partner.  That is also the average a man has.  And we get mroe sexism to boot.  Great, I'm glad we arn't done with that.  If you'd dump a girl for such a superficial reason as because she's slept with five other men in her life, then that's your problem, not hers, and there's no way you could have cared that much about her anyway, and given enough time you'd no doubt be the one being dumped.

Btw, liek I psoted before,s tatistical fact most men and women have 6 sexual aprtners in there lives, so it's lookign liek you'll be the one all alone.

" the only reason you would look past that is if you were a very insecure man...... and thought hey..... i am such a loser i may never get  another chance to be with a girl like this...."

Wow, that's not judgemental, puritan, or sexist at all.

"any man confident in his ability to obtain a pretty virtuous woman would not settle for anything less."

I plan on "settling" with a woman who I love and who loves me.

"that may sound egotistical...."

It is both egotistical and sexist.

"but any man who denies this is lying to himself to appear politically correct.. in order not to offend others."

So you what, speak for every man on Earth now?  That's quite the talent.  Amazing how you ahven't brockered world peace yet,w tih such an ability.

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??? Ron Jeremy that's a good one Mahdi.

Maybe it's just me but Bush also said he wanted steriods out of the NFL (American sports league). How is that going to be done and why even say such a thing to the NFL. I thought the NFL regulated that and had the use of drugs like steriods under control. Is that important to his political agenda? I think Bush has been watching that series on ESPN about a fictional pro sports league.

As for the pre-marital sex issue that has to come from people themselves you could teach that all day in school but if it is not coming from within the family structure it may never acheieve the goal that has being set out. There is now way to stop people from having pre marital sex what will Bush do form the Sex Gestopo. What is next a preepmtive strike on Nevada?

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"1.)nammigpai said bush frightened him.. he said he was scared... that means bush is weird or strange to him...."

No it doesn't.  Not at all.  Where do you get this stuff?

"2.)  he did call him crazy as most people  relate fanatical to being crazy..... the men who flew planes into the twin towers were both crazy and fanatical."

Over generalization. 

Btw, that's a logical fallacy.

"your taking it too far..."

This from the guy who said " know people want their future wife to be the biggest whore before they get to meet her and marry her......"

" i said there is nothing wrong with  "waiting a few years" until you find the right person  and then have all the sex you want ..... 8 times a day if you want if that will make your life better."

There is absolutly ntohign wrong with that.  Nothing at all.  I never said there was, and in one of my earlier posts I made that perfectly clear.  Just like there is absolutly nothing wrong with not waiting a few years.

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NFL is supposed to regulate it like every sport league, but they miss stuff sometimes.  I haven't been following it latley, so I dunno, has there been a recent problem with steroids in football?  If so, could be it has nothign to do with his political agenda, he might jsut want to get rid of it.  He used to be pretty big in the sports world, so I can understand if it's somewhat of a personal issue with him.

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"nice to meet you psych major

molecular biology master's student here...."

Good for you. 

"if you want to bypass me using real life personal experience...instead of bringing up worthless statistics in worthless surveys that are completely inaccurate thats fine i guess the convo is over...."

Yeah... totally useless... that's why millions of dollars are spent on them by governments and research groups, they just looked at each other and said "Hey, lets throw a couple dozen million dollars out hte window!"

"but  hiding behind that "anecdotal disclaimer"  is not gonna gonna do anything for you...  first hand experience is valued more by people than some questionarre."

Sure it is, if you're applying for a job.  Not if you're trying to make a scientific decleration.  You're a molecular biology student, what would happen if you examined one human, discovered he only had 22 sets of chromosones, and declared that every human being only has 22 sets?  You'd be laughed out of school.  That's why anecdotal evidence is considered a logical fallacy.

It's not a "disclaimer" it's one of the basis for all logic an science.  I'da thought you'd know that, being a graduate sutdent and all.

"first hand experience is valued more by people than some questionarre."

Once again, perfectly correct.  Have you spent ten years researchign the sexual habits of individuals through multiple methods and evaluations?  No?  You heard a guy talkign in a locker room?  My god, anyone who wouldn't automatically side with you over those who did do research for a long period of time utilizing various methods would be a complete and utter fool!

"although with psychology i guess surveys  are your main forms of research.... whereas i am use to getting first hand evidence in the laboratory."

That has absolutly nothing to do with the topic at hand, and seems to be a pretty poor attempt at a side handed attack on psychology.  Meh, think what you want, I won't try to set you right.

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