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So your saying you would?

Your pretty naive to think that a woman who has been with 6 men wont have some kind of baggage  and/or have other problems.... meaning if she cares so little about her body that she would whore around with 6 men.... what else does she do? smoke crack? take acid? snort cocaine?.....what else is wrong with her??...emotional problems?...bitter?

I have known both the virgins and the sluts.... and every slut i ever met was a drug user or fucked up in the head.... what do i mean by fucked up in the head??... I am referring to how a woman becomes angry, bitter, bossy, nasty, after being screwed over by so many guys.

  All the sweet little innocent girls were sweet, clean, and had a good head on their shoulders and were not emotionally damaged ....

I know in your eyes its probably wrong for me to go off what i have experienced in life... but what the hell else is there for me to go off?  a survey? spare me.

Maybe your right phage... maybe there is some slut out there who is a great girl.... but who would want that?  And test drive your women?( so cliche') spare me again.  All you need to do is see them in a bikini to make sure they dont have a 3rd nipple or something.

Her performance in bed? ... hah .. that can be taught.

why cause you have no confidence to train your woman in bed?  are you that inept?

My wife didnt know what to do at first... but i showed her the positions i liked and how i like my oral....and the sex is great.... i didnt need some dipshit to do it for me.  Your obviously naive to think sex is so complicated that you need some "other" man to teach your wife what to do in bed.  How weak. 

All of the things you use as excuses for marrying a slut are the same bullshit excuses men use to get women into bed to turn them into sluts.

And you wouldnt want to marry a religious conservative girl??? ..  hmm well thats what i did ....... guess you never heard about the old saying..... perfect wife/mother outside the bedroom... hot woman in the bedroom huh?

I love it.. she is so prim and proper .. but when we go to the bedroom...  she cuts loose.. and why?? cause i am her husband and she is comfortable with me.

Go home with the first cow you meet? (so cliche')...causing tons of divorces and problems? ..... no thats what friendship and dating are for...  .. try dating and being friends for a few years...

instead of meeting someone in a bar.... screwing them that night.. and then proposing marriage.... THAT is what causes divorces and problems....

And as for your *first-cow* cliche'... heres a cliche' for you too.... I dont want sloppy seconds.... or sloppy sixths....

All this "first-cow" "test-drive" cliche's are all BS for people who want to

1.) Justify why their girlfriend/wife  is/was  a hoe

2.) Con women into bed.

3.) Look cool in front of their friends (ooh ohh are we cool yet?)

why make up excuses?... just say what you are really saying.... sex feels good and its fun to screw...regardless of what effects it has on other people...so long as YOU dont get hurt. 

Just say it.. quit making up cliche... "i dont wanna be a one man show"..arguements.. trying to sugar coat and make excuses for why you think its ok to sleep with a slut or make up excuses for your lack of confidence or prowess and feel the need to have your woman trained by other men.

Just say that you want your sex anyway you can get it... with a hot/decent looking chick ... regardless of background... cause it feels good of course...and you dont care about morals or chastity or anything like that... cause that wasnt instilled in you as a child.... so naturally these things seem foreign to you...  Thats all you need to say... leave the cliche's and the "its ok to be a slut and here's why" excuses at the door.

Gunwounds, your points are simply absurd.

First off nobody is talking about sluts on this issue but you. You seem to be obsessed with them. Likely cause you are bored with your wife, I don't know.

In any event the choice isn't "virgins vs. sluts" but premarital sex, vs. absitence. Stop trying to load the issue with your hyperbole.

The first option is eductated and flexible, the second is one made in ignorance and unrealistic.

Besides your definition of the word "slut" is way too vague. Since it is everyone who has had sex before marriage, that would likely be everyone on this board, everyone on this board's parents and everyone on this board's partners. Simply alienating yourself like this, by basically insulting the entire board is bad tactics and manners, to say the least.

In regards to the conservative Christian wife, I'd rather have a slut then that. Because at least the slut isn't a bigot and has an open mind. I wouldn't care if the Xian girl was the best in bed that ever lived, because that's all she would be good for. The fact that you would prefer this simply tells me what kind of guy you are. Perhaps you should move to Pakistan.

In regards to "training a wife", she's not a pet. I'd rather not do that.

Inr regards to "sluts" (those who had sex before marriage), having issues- let me say I've been with both virgins and non-virgins. And let me say that while both sides have issues, virgins usually have more. Which is why they are virgins. Basically, just because *some* women who have sex before marriage have issues, doesn't mean ALL of them have issues (save those invented by all women). But the vast majority of virgin women I know have issues.

In regards to you saying I "victimize women" that is simply rude. Especially seeing as I said not to "free love" and such because it hurt women's feelings.

Let me just say right now, every time you accuse me of being some sort of sexual predator, I'm calling you a liar and a bigot (which you are). It's fair play. Perhaps you should *think* before you type or speak *idea*.

I also never said to pick up random chicks at a bar. That's another LIE on your part.

All I simply said is that we should have sex before marriage, as that makes us more informed, and makes our dating system self-correcting. That's it. And I said to do this responsibly. You should aknowledge this, as reading is fundamental.

In any event, it is rather obvious you are speaking from knee-jerk, victorian era, pseudomorality. One which makes it ok to ignore a woman's mind, and see her as almost property, opress gays and call almost everyone in the US a "slut", as well as lie about opponents constantly, while pretending you have the moral high ground. Why? Because you have sex with your wife (real big achievment). You sir are a big time hypocrite.

I bet the only reason you are even acting so silly is you somewhat regret this decision and are bored with your wife. Which is understandable, as the relationship is based on naivity and will likely end with either cheating ir divorce as this boredom builds up.

In any event, I'm glad morals and chasity weren't intilled in me as a child. I'm glad my parents let me think for myself instead of brainwashing me into adhering to stupid beliefs that would have just taken away things that made my life richer. I'm sorry your parents did this to you.

But that doesn't give you the right to lie about things like you do. Again, sex before marriage is essential, as a relationship differs a great deal after a couple is sexually active, and that's when you really get to know eachother. It also provides a comparative standard, so you aren't just shooting ducks in the dark, allowing you to compare people via experience to find out what you really want out of a relationship.

It isn't just a matter of intimacy. It's a matter of living together. Living with a person provides the best kind of experience of what a marriage would be like, and if you live with a person long enough it is inevitable you will have sex. Otherwise you'll both just be uncomfortable.

If I was with someone who hadn't ever known another person, it would imo, cheapen the relationship. Because I wouldn't know if they really wanted me, or they were just ignorant. If they know something else and they still choose you, that means you're a preference. If they just choose you in ignorance, that means your just  an expiriment.

And last, the sort of girl most educated men would want, the open minded type who are more comfortable with their bodies, as well as able to make their own decisions will not be virgins when they meet you. Only weird conservative Christian girls, who are about as smart as a log will be like that, or some sort of ideological fanatics. Hence if you want a decent relationship, with a girl who looks good and has a brain your going to have to date these types. And these types usually don't wait until marriage.

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Incidentally, this is an excellent guide and more or less sums up my views on this... if you're interested in this kind of debate then give it a read...


Prudes jump right from this one to "never have casual sex"; a lot of prudes have a weird sexist view of the world in which all casual sex consists of horny men conning innocent women into doing things they'll regret later. This is laughably wrong and pretty insulting to women, who get plenty horny themselves and are no less capable of making their own decisions then men are. But the prude's mistake does set us up to develop an important distinction -- the big difference between "casual sex" and "callous sex".

Casual sex is sex for pleasure, without the intention of building a strong and continuing emotional relationship. Callous sex is sex that uses your partner without considering the partner's rights, feelings, or consequences.

These are not the same thing. People having casual sex, if they're honest and kind, can be good for each other. Sometimes, if they're lucky, that casual sex will become lovemaking. On the other hand, callous sex probably causes a significant fraction of the misery in this world.

There's nothing wrong at all with casual sex in my opinion.  You build up experience, have fun, and meet new people.  If you have bad experiences and you learn from those, too (if you're sensible enough to learn from your mistakes).  If you're not totally stupid, you take sensible and common sense precautions, usually referred to as condoms, in case you're not aware.  And if you're both happy to do it and both having a good time, there's no problem.  That way, when you DO find that special someone or something and get married, you'll both be able to use your experience and build upon it as you get more used to each other specifically.  Then it'll be REALLY good  ;D

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Oh ok, I think I get it now. Men can have sex with women like flies, and drop them like flies. But when it comes time for a long-term relationship, the woman must be a virgin.

Back in 1996 when i was a college freshman..... i remember in my psychology class we talked about this.... and my professor stated that one reason society holds women to a higher standard is because their bodies are the vessels through which the children are carried and bore from.

Thus she needs to make sure she keeps herself pure and clean from any diseases  etc etc.  as we dont want anything happening to the baby.  Same reason we dont like to see women who are about to get pregnant or are pregnant smoke or drink or do drugs... thus its not only sex where women are held to a higher standard.

That was his explanation.

Sounds good to me.

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honestly i hope the Mods here will put their foot down on the obscene smut that Gunwounds and Akriku are posting on this board

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honestly i hope the Mods here will put their foot down on the obscene smut that Gunwounds and Akriku are posting on this board

If anyone needs to be careful it is you Navaros... your skating on thin ice....you just came back from being banned and i believe in your 3rd post back (on General Board)... you called Gob

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ALSO, i have seen people have more problems with thier EX's than anything else when it comes to new relationships.  How many times have you heard of someone's ex doing something out of spite or revenge?

Could that not possibly be more due to him or her (meaning the ex) still having an emotional emotional attachment?  In which case, since there's no point in continuing a relationship if you don't love that person anymore (that's just cruelty) then you stop it.  But if the ex still feels a lot for YOU, and you decide to go out with somebody else, jealousy and regret is only natural.  Some people can't handle it and feel like they need to teach their ex a lesson.  That's usually the case - nothing to do with the way you're making it out to be.

Quote from: Phage on 04 February 2004, 14:11:53

In regards to you saying I "victimize women" that is simply rude. Especially seeing as I said not to "free love" and such because it hurt women's feelings.

Sleeping with a girl and then ditching her cause she wasnt up to par.. will seriously traumatize  her emotionally and hurt her feelings.... "free love" or not.. your making it seem as if women are only good for one thing .. and if she doesnt perform right then.. you ditchem in the trash.

Again you have a very egocentric point of view - and I have had this debate before, elsewhere.  Who says that it's ALWAYS women who get dumped and it's ALWAYS women who feel hurt?  Why can't a woman also want to just have some casual sex and a little fun, or want to use somebody just for some sex?  The only real difference between a man and a woman in that sense is that a woman will be more aware of the female-specific risk (pregnancy) and be twice as likely to take protection.  Other than that, I see no difference.  Stop making it into a sexist issue.

Anyway there are a lot more comments here but having read what you're writing, I see that there's going to be no point in having much continued involvement with this thread, a fact for which I'm sure you'll be glad.

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Anyway there are a lot more comments here but having read what you're writing, I see that there's going to be no point in having much continued involvement with this thread, a fact for which I'm sure you'll be glad.

actually this thread has covered so many topics and so many issues.... and so much has been re-hashed.... that reading it becomes quite confusing and tedious... and most people are not even sure what the central point of this thread is since it has swung far off both sides of the road...

This thread is so jumbled now mainly because of people necro-posting

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In the view of what you just posted, then probably not, no.

On the up side, at least I don't live my life by this board... it's only words and opinions, don't take it so seriously :) sorry in that case also for making humour from this serious topic

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