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Unnoficial Imperial Civil War Mod Comment Thread


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All I can say is...WOW :)

This mod really changes Emperor,in depth,interest, and just plain coolness! :)

Theres so much variants in every house...I have only played with Ordos, but know from first-hand experience that the Atreides Sonic Trooper is not to be messed with! ;) :D Theres so many unit variants,and the Ordos FINALLY have a repair vehicle(Not that they really need it, but oh well ;) )The Deviator AKA Imperial blah,blah,blah Hovertank might be overpowered just a bit, but whos complaining? The Walker is JUST AWESOME, and Devastator...WOW.So far, i've only played with Ordos, butI was playing for almost an HOUR! And thats hard for me to do.

IMHO,I would give this mod a 10/10! ;D :)

Great work JulesG + Inoculater9 and all who helped! You've done a great job!

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Can I say that this mod is a testament to all those people before me that worked hard in learning how to mod EBFD and have been good enough to pass on their knowledge to us all.

I love playing EBFD, but not on-line (wrong PC spec on my online machine) so I wanted a fresh look to EBFD in Campaigns, from this ICW was born.

And yes the TL-Imperial Renegade Walker is my favourite, especially if you play as Atreides in Campaigns where you get tons and tons of them and the Laser-Contaminators attacking you...I even lost a couple of times, which hasnt happened on Normal against the AI in a long long time!

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Well I finally got around to playing this mod (my poor 56k modem...). Well, I wish I could say more positive stuff but I was expecting more from such a highly acclaimed mod. I like the fact that it's playable in campaign (this is really it's redeeming feature) and there are certainly a lot of new units (IMO more than are useful), but there are a few downers. The textures were simply abominable. Sorry lol but my eyes hurt. Those purple lights made every other unit look like it was under constant hawk-strike. I didn't notice any new XBFs, but there could be some, so I'm not too sure about that. Some of the units had bizarre problems. For instance, the renegade imperial trooper or whatever it's called (I think that's right) kept on shooting from my rock, impossibly far over to the other side of fishers plain... I like some of the icons, and some of them I think look really ugly (for instance the ordos repair vehicle. It also seems that you've removed a lot of side disadvantages, for instance Ordos's weakness to air units. A lot of units don't make a lot of sense, either, such as the Ordos repair vehicle seeing as how ordos units are famous for their self-regenerating abilities. Again, I didn't really understand the need for, say, an ordos gas trooper, and ordos gas rocket trooper and then an ordos sniper.. all of which essentially do the same things (ie kill infantry). I understand that they cost different amounts and have different build times, but the differences seem a tad negligible, but maybe that's just me. The harvesters being carried by invisible carryalls looked hilarious, but that's not neceessarily a bad thing lol. Some units seemed very similar to their original counterparts (I'm not sure if you care about that) like the ordos APC/hhkbuzzy/assault tank etc. Then some units like the ordos laser tank seemed a little bit silly. What makes a laser so great in emp, and so effective against minos and the like is there ability to take damage and not be slowed down (due to their shielding) but you removed this in favour of tougher armour and a more powerful shot. The tougher armour might help against units like the assault tank or buzzy, but frankly they wont get touched by them anyway. On the other hand they'll get murdered by longer-ranged units. I realise I've mainly said negative things here, and that wasn't really my intention. I enjoyed playing it and it is a mod you should be proud of, it just isn't quite right from where I'm standing (or sitting).

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I appreciate the feedback.

Could you tell me which textures you dont like (or was just the purple lights?) and what level of graphics setting you play on, as I tend to make only High level models (saves time) but may not work at lower graphics settings? And yes the purple I think was too much on a number of units (like the dustscout).

As to new xbfs - depends on how you determine a new xbf. If it has physical changes then there is the Hovertank based on a Mongoose, a centrally placed gun turret on a modified ixprojector, a Tl-Mongoose that has a larger body...If you class changing built-in graphics, then the deviator models now use quad graphics, which means the blast of green deviator gas from the gun ports has gone and the barrels move differently...otherwise no changes. ;)

As to bugs like a long distance firing of the renegade elite - thanks I will look into that one.  :O I did not intend for the lasertank to slow down, just remove it from being blown up by all the extra laser fire around. I will remove the slow down function in the rules.

As to the repair vehicle that is TL not Ordos and was to change the gameplay when being Harkonnen.

The Gas Rocket trooper kills both tanks and infantry. The Gas trooper is short range, and the sniper long range, so it was to allow a variety of ways in playing and in fighting in campaigns (my main interest).

Yes I removed an Ordos weakness (air defence) as I felt the other sides were too strong in that area. Same as the ORAPC had the range and power of rockets increased to compensate for some of the new Imperial units.

I dont think I changed the assault tank, only the InkVine with flaming splats and the buzzy with dual lasers. This was becasuse I felt with the Devo the Hark are quite strong and with IM new units would be too strong. Those units that stayed the same was so that there was some continuity with the standard game, thats why I kept Ordos, Atreides sides rather than remove them as in other mods.

The stealth carryall was supposed to carry stealth harvesters, but it didnt work right LOL!

Yes a number of the icons are poor - not my strong point!

I am sorry that you did not enjoy the mod but thank you again for the feedback, which I will bear in mind with my next mod.

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I think I played on high graphics but I cannot be certain. I didn't like a lot of the textures, for instance the super purple dustscout and the strange looking deviator/mongoose.

"The Gas Rocket trooper kills both tanks and infantry. The Gas trooper is short range, and the sniper long range, so it was to allow a variety of ways in playing and in fighting in campaigns (my main interest)."

You still haven't said why the gas trooper (chem trooper) is useful.  ;)

I found my ragnarok mod today (gasp) and might have posted it but it's an earlier version so there's way too much stuff left to do and I'm too lazy.  :)

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I didn't like a lot of the textures, for instance the super purple dustscout and the strange looking deviator/mongoose.

You still haven't said why the gas trooper (chem trooper) is useful.  ;)

Was it just the purple textures and the TL Green/brown ones, or did you not like the Imperial Gold one's either?

What did you think of the new Imperial building textures?

Do you have any nice TL textures, I ask because the only unit with them is either the TLLeech or the TLFlyer, and I used the TLFlyer, but it only has one 128 bit graphic file with about 30 x 30 of actual usable colouring (the green and brown). My new mod is to have the Guild and TL as a major House so I am going to be using those textures again unless someone has any alternative suggestions...

As to the Gas Trooper/Flame Trooper/AT Infantry short range units why have them?

Answer: 1) If you have a stronger base infantry unit the 3 House Heighliner missions become almost impossible to complete.

2) It would mean that building and selling a building to get quality units may be cheaper than training them from the barracks, with Gas Trooper etc that is not a worthwhile micr-management option.

3) These modified units are able to kill both infantry and tanks (if they arnt squished first!)



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Gas troopers and infantry are useful in the original because they kill ifantry tanks and in the case of the gas trooper, buildings. They are excellent in rushes. 3 units where only 2 would suffice (as it is in the original emp) seems pointless except for adding variety, and to be honest those units aren't really original enough to add much.

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I think this mod is great but, the atriedes heighliner mission is impossible because of the sonic infantry against the imperial mercenary flame trooper. Anyway, apart form that I think this mod is great! :)

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Then you are not playing it right!  ;)

I tested all three heighliner missions (and had to tweak the unit specs) so that they were achievable.

Remember barrels still do some damage (less than before), Sonic Troopers that you start with, have a longer firing range than the flametrooper. There are three sardaukar coffins available before the next group of flametroopers. Sardaukar outrange flametroopers. EBFD tends to attack the "front" man, while your rear men kill them.

Destroying heighliners releases weakened enemies which can be killed to gain veterancy points (and if the sard, self-heal).

Once you get past the next batch of flametroopers (take them on one at a time) you get the sniper, and it then gets easier...

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