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Palace Wars Mod


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Wow, looks pretty neat. I think the siege tank could use some more detail/a slightly different model. But i'm realy excited. Will definatly try it out when it's released. (btw, by what is the sardaukar sub house replaced?)

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The Sardaukar are replaced with Ordos.  They have Deviator technology as well as the Saboteur and EITS (both slightly improved).  Each sub-house has it's own unique turret, source of power, and flying unit as well as other changes and additions.

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Thats what we are all here for, to help out with ideas, anyway it was YOUR IDEA to use it as a Heavy weapons Facilty (HWF) - does this mean you have tied some more powerful units from the factory to the HWF via [secondaryBuilding =] rules line? If so great idea!

May I borrow the idea also for my mod, as I wanted to do a Dune2K Ixian Research centre type thing but could not think what building to use - I never thought of the Smelter as a Heavy Weapons Armanent Upgrade facility! I would want to use it with the sub-houses rather than the main houses though.

May I also borrow the Harvester fix as it drives me up the wall too!



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You have a way to limit builds to one unit and havent told anyone?

I remember this was THE TOPIC when they wanted Superunits in KH1!

Please share...even if I dont use the idea (it would have been nice to have had with ICW) I would love to know how to do it.

As to the turret xbfs - no problem I will sort out in the next few days and put up here (probably next week as I am out on business for the rest of the week).

I have 3 styles and a number of skins:

1) Big Turret with no rear cannister - flame effect switched off

2) Standard turret with rear canister but no flame guard on barrel - flame effect switched off

3) Mini turret but as a flamethrower version, so that it looks different from above.

The skins available are: Atr, HK (of course!), OR, Ixian and Guild. Just edit the chosen xbf style for the textures.

It is possible to create an xbf where the little flame is switched off and then fire just the large flames. These can be then be re-coloured eg if you wanted a green chemical gas for example. The problem is that ALL building xbf's take their SFX effects from the FIRST defined building of that type. (order is HK then AT then OR). So if you had the OR with green flame-chemical sfx but then add back into your mod a standard HK flamethrower turret, then the OR turret would pick up the standard effect (less the mini-flame which is disabled).

Other people will say different - however I have re-textured EVERY OR, AT and HK building xbf including changing SMOKE and LIGHTs SFX in my present mod. I have tested various versions of the same building type for every side (to decide what looked best). In doing so I have discovered that if for example I put a ORhanger into the Guild side (was Ordos) I must disable the smoke and lights, or I will get purple smoke (and yellow + red lights) as I am using the same model (with different textures, purple smoke and yellow + red lights sfx) for the Corrino (was HK) hanger. The result of all this is that few xbf's have ended up being shared across the three houses unless they have no effects (like IxResCentre) or few lights and little smoke (eg HKHanger model for Ix and Guild)

The reason my flamethrower xbfs work is because I have disabled the flame sfx functions from being called from within the xbf itself, this is also how I have unit xbfs that fire lasers/plasma but no longer release the "spent shell" sfx (eg laser trike, plasma kobra, laser assault tank, plasma-energy apc, plasma HKADP etc).

I have even been able to disable all the explosion, stars, planets and heighliner special effects in the Campaign start/win screens (the screens in Emperor are all xbf driven).

Unfortunately the TWO key SFX I have been unable to alter/remove is the Quad's large guard/veterancy display and the campaign play rippling line-style ATR, HK and OR logos. These defie editing!

I am presently editing text and voice sfx with each campaign mission, I have done a few Ixian (Atr) missions, so only another 50 or so Corrino/Guild missions to go...

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Well, its not a great way but, if you give a unit a long build time, and the same amount of health, then give it canselfrepair = -1.0 and canberepaired = false, then you will never have two on the screen both under your control (unless it's deviated)

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BTW JulesG, some of that stuff you've done on your mod sounds amazing, I can't wait until its out.  For the turret, can I have the large turret with no rear canister and flame effects off, I don't mind what the texture is because I'll be changing it to a corrino one.

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When I build it.  All I did was replace the Harkonnen ADP model with the Saucer one, I did that in the Artini.  I guessed they had similar sorts of roles so that would be ok...I'm going to try swapping it with the Atreides Air Drone model and see if that works.  I just wanted to see what it looked like in game initially before putting it in my mod.

It's amazing how you seem to spring up when needed lol.  It's like on Batman where they shine a light with his symbol on, and then he appears lol.

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I will sort out the Ordos Turret for you and post in next couple of days (I am in the office rather than OOB).

In addition re the Ordos Saucer:

when I first used Adrians TLFlyer (basis of Ordos Saucer?) and GuNIAPs that both fired in ICW missions I had occasion to note the game crashed.

What I did was repeat what Adrian did to the original xbfs from scratch. I then re-textured the TLFlyer and made it an Ordos ADP. This was then used in-game and the GuNIAP is present in the last mission.

Stability seemed to be better BUT I had made a couple of rules changes in the meantime, I ensured that I used either the ATADP turret definition (the TLFlyer and GuNIAP where rebuilt using the ATADP's code) or another simple turret definition like ordoslasertankbase turret (the HKADP is a complex x and y turret definition). Both turrets used new bullets that had anti-aircraft and anti-ground capability.

The GuNIAP I had as a circling ADP while the ORADPflyer model I used like the HKADP as a slow stationary unit.

If you still find Adrians models versions unstable, you can use mine from the ICW mod (below) and try them.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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