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last ordos mission

Big D

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there are a few threads about this. I'll just tell you how i did it.

I built my base and defended it (should not be too hard) and get about 10 fedaykins. When they were done i walked them to the emperorworm WITHOUT BEING DETECTED and attacked it. When my fedaykin fired once i retreated them a little as the megacannon will fire and it can kill infantry rather quickly, so when the gun has fired you go back to the worm attack again, reatreat, attack, retreat. If you keep doing this,the worm will fall rather quickly, if it takes too long the enemy will start hunting your fedayking and you will need to improvise, but i'm sure you will find out how...

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After a time, the mentat will inform you about some structures you can capture to get some extra stuff. A new area is then revealed. The Guild Mega Cannon is there. The Mega Cannon is a big turret which can shoot very far (very) but doesn't hurt your armored units really. But it is quite good against infantry. But since the bullet must travel a long way, it can easily be avoided.

If you keep killing enemy units with your attacking army, then eventually there will be nothing left of it. On a moment you have to decided to push through, and get to the Emperor Worm. There attack it and all forces around it, because you need some time for destroying it. But let most units keep firing on the Emperor Worm. In time it will fall.

The best units for an attack are some Dust Scouts (against infantry, and as cannon fodder) and Laser Tanks (for the quick assaults) and Kobra's (Use these against the Emperor Worm, and use the rest of your army to protect the Kobra's)

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I did them all

the atreides movie is a follows: a couple of minotaurs are moving towards the emperorworm and before they attack, some niab tanks appear and start attacking, then 7/10 ornithopters appear. they destroy the niab tanks together with the minotaurs

it is almost the same with ordos and harkonnen. only ordos use laser tanks and cobras as backup. and the harkonnen use assault tanks and devastators being airlifted (crashing down upon the niab tanks destroying them in the process ;D)

after that another movie shows the coronation of either achilles (atreides) gunseng/copec(harkonnen) or the gola from the old emperor (made by the ordos) ofcourse the gola is but a mere pawn. the actuall rulers are the ordos :)

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I wish there would be bigger carryalls, so you can carry 10+ devastators at the same time ;D

lol in dune 2 if you edit a level you can also add hundreds of units of reinforcements and one single carryall comes in to drop them all. nice and tight ;) :D

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all u need is 2 Adv carryall and the 2 elite Kobras you get at the beginning. There's a safe route to the worm, on south. Then unload the artillery sand attack the worm. It will die before the Guild will crush your defences.

Works with Mino's too, and even better with Devas.

Just get a hangar, upgrade it, and buid 2 adv carryall.


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