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Last night I saw The Darkness.

They truely are here to save rock and roll.

And I think they are going to do it.

There was confetti, there was smoke, there were loud, over the top guitar solos...

Justin Hawkins had costume changes!! Three skin tight jump suits!

I dressed up in top hat and tassled wrist bands and everyone just grinned and rocked out all night.

Now, for those of you who know who I'm talking...

Are The Darkness here to save rock and roll?

Believe me... they really really are.

*rocks out and dances around room to I Believe In A Thing Called Love*

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Look at the link in my post and then you an hear them. I'm listening to them at the moment. I believe in a thing called love is my favourite track (of any music) and I also like Stuck in a Rut (which I'm listening to right now)

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That's right, Neil Young has rock and roll (classic) under control. He even put out a new CD.


Supposed to be real good too.

And the live band at my bar played his music at my request. I like yelling out Neil Young! at most bars. To keep them from playing pop music that you hear every week at each bar.


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Hm... I've heard of them, 'of' being the operative word. I wasn't, however, aware that it needed saving.

Yes. Commercial drivel has made *all* music in the US nothing more than a bad trip into 'da hood'. I saw The Darkness by chance the other day. Though I am not a 'fan', I was completely taken off guard by the very 70's sound. It's more 'rock' than rock has been since punk and new wave took over in the 80s. It's refreshing to see something 'original', even if it's retro. The use of falseto was daring as well.

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Darkness is obviously the best band to come out this year, and maybe the last few years. My favourite of their songs is Friday Night and Givin' Up. My friend is going to see them in concert soon and I'm trying to blagg a free ticket, so here's hopin'! ;D

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as a person who prefers more hardcore than the softer metal, KsE, Chimaira, Prospect Acconite Thrill etc, i have to say that The Darkness rule, ok, so they look funny, GOOD! they have great music, an no blonde big breasted bimbo singing (good or bad?hmm), which is a nice change.

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