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Goodbye and Farewell


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I would just like to thank everybody here at Fed2k for everything that they have done for me. I would like to thank Ghosty_Square for recommending me to become a member of the Dune Editing Staff. I would also like to thank Gobalopper for trusting me with such a position. And thank you Edric, for helping me when I was new to the Dune Editing Staff. You were a great help and taught me alot. I would like to leave modding on a good note, saying that it has been great, everything about it. The people, the mods, the game, everything about Emperor Modding is great. Well, maybe everything, Westwood might not be =). I met my best online friend through Emperor Modding, and if anything else isn't good enough, then this is. Thank you Anders, you are a great friend. Thank you everybody for making this great for me.

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