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Is Dune a male thing?


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For any female that feels alienated by Dune, I suggest that you read Heretics and Chapterhouse you'll love them. The Bene Gesserit and the Honored Matres are the two most powerful groups in the universe.  Honored Matres have super-quick reflexes and can kick anyone's ass, and enslave men with their sexual prowess.  There are two major male characters; Miles Teg, and Duncan Idaho, But Idaho is a captive of the Bene Gesserit, and Miles Teg is under their service.  The story line is great and, personally, Chapterhouse is my favorite in the series.

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its quite amusing how people think the sardaukar were top dogs,

if you remeber even at the height of the sardaukar 1 on 1 they werent a match for a bene gesserit,

the BG remained some of the best fighters in the universe for near 25'000 years thats more than any other, and with the honored matres they are even more powerful than before,

the fremen, they were good but what made them even better was bene gesserit fighting techniques.

if anything dune is one of the most female orientated books of this kind

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