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What games do you have stacked?


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That version of Generals change China to Israel and USA remains USA but it is an ally of Israel while the GLA is changed to Palestine.So it is sold instantly after production. :O

what do u mean by that? my version of generals is exactly as everyones else..

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I notice something bizarre,how come you guys never "keep" your CDs in the dustbin? :D

Nyar,nice try,it looks like you went to a national park and sawed down some tobacco plants,snuffed the tobacco and used the wood to make your "table"[its not worthy of the name "table" yet :P].

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[its not worthy of the name "table" yet :P].

That's okay, cause it's a desk.

LOL.Oops. :-[

Instead of a picture,give me the whole desk! >:( Desk or your life? :P

Why do you guys keep stashing your CDs on your computer desk/table/toilet bowl instead of keeping them properly?

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i like it ;) but i think there shud be more new things and all.. in other words.. they shud have filled the disk to its top 8)

Yeah I agree. When I frist installed it, I was looking for any weapons that thay might have added, or tanks. I was dissapointed that it only contained maps..

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Yeah, Doc, my CDs are set up somewhat like yours.

On my CPU tower I have a little rod thing with a cover where I've got three CDs.

Dune 2000 (CD copy)

C&C Red Alert


However, beside my desk I have a little table, and on that table, I have a CD holder. The CD holder holds about 88 single cases and 8 doubles. At last count, I had about 6 empty slots.



Let's see...

In addition to my full CD music library:

Oregon Trail 3

Battlecruiser 3000 AD

Lego Creator

Harly Davidson

Dune 2000 (Original CD)

Redneck Rampage

Tomb Raider II

Army Men

Sim City 2000

Galaxy of Mahjongg

Emperor: Battle for Dune

Duke Nukem 3d

Duke it out in DC

Shadow Warrior

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

Planescape: Torment


Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper II

Freespace: The Great War

WarCraft III

Star Wars: Racer

Diablo II


WarCraft II (And Battle.Net Edition)


StarCraft: Brood War

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

The 7th Guest

The Crystal Key

The Magic Death

Emergency Room 2

Caesar II

Star Trek: Klingon

Star Trek: StarFleet Academy

Star Trek: Starship Creator

Star Trek: New Worlds

Star Trek: Armada

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Star Trek: StarFleet Command

Star Trek: StarFleet Command III

Civilization: Call to Power

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire

And God only knows how many Shareware, Freeware, disks.

Then, I have a little rod about 1/2" in diameter with about twenty or thirty disks on it...I won't bore you with those names.

Not to mention FF7 and the rest of my C&C collection above that.



(Edit: Added link to CD Holder picture)

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Well, I've "earned" very little, and I haven't had a paying job in about...Dang, at least 4 years.

So my own money? Depends on if you think allowances from my parents is my money. I think it is.

Of those listed, I was probably given about three CDs from friends, and about 10 or so from my parents for Birthday/Christmas. The rest I bought with allowance money.

Answer your question?

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How much do you get for your allowance?I get aout $250 in total with $140 as base and $110 as "extra" my parents say that whenever I need I just take.The extras are all coins stored in a small container. ;D

I only spend it on recess,lunch,snacks,drinks,newspapers and other essential stuff.I haven't gotten ANYTHING ELSE using my own money.Dinners are always reimbursed. :D

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ok guys, now im mad.. in ur country u call urself rich, in my country i call u guys thunim!!!! must u always remind me that i dont have money?? >:(

Some people have money some do not. If you plann on going to University or post graduate school, you will not have "money" for at least 1-2 years afetr you graduate. I you do not go to school you will have money but not as much down the road.

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i dont have money to go to school ::) just kidding.. my family r normal in israel.. we normal amount of money but my parents never want to give me money coz then ill buy games and they dont want me to be on the computer and so on and on...

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