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What games do you have stacked?


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I get aout $250 in total with $140 as base and $110

How often? Once a week, per month, per year, what?

Let's see...Back when I bought most of these games (a couple of years or so ago), my folks gave me about $20 every two weeks. It was well and enough for me to buy what I wanted, though, because I didn't have to use the money for anything else. I homeschooled, my parents were my transportation, I was not in a relationship, food, clothing and anything else was provided. I could stick as much back as I liked, and use it to buy games, rent movies, or take my mom out to eat on Sunday nights.

Then I got involved with this girl, and my money went to other needs. Theater fares, eating out, gifts, etc.

Around the time my girlfriend and I broke up, my father landed a new job and started sending me about $200 or so a month. And just in time, too. I was starting my first semester of college, which is about an hour and ten minutes from where I live, driving. Thankfully, my car was given to me, and my Pell Grant covered my tuition, but gas prices are not cheap, and niether are school supplies.

Now, during this summer, I stuck back a few allowances and bought a GameBoy Advance SP and a few games. I also got WarCraft III at a great price, and a few older games.

And this little foray leads to the second comment:

ok guys, now im mad.. in ur country u call urself rich, in my country i call u guys thunim!!!! must u always remind me that i dont have money?? >:(

Firstly: I don't consider myself rich. I've got much more than members of smaller, poorer countries, but quite honestly, it takes most of what my mother makes as a nurse to keep us alive.

Consider this:

Approx $1600 monthly

House payment: $450

House insurence: $200

Food: $300 (including restaurants)

Electricity: $200

Telephone: $100

Gasoline: $240 ($60 per week)

Internet: $20

$90 remaining.

That's $90 out of about $1600 per month. I'm just thankful we only pay for water once per year, my college tuition is mostly paid, no car bill, because it's already paid off, and house prices are as cheap as they are.

I'm sure other posters could tell horror stories at the prices of such things. The only reason the US is so much "better" economically than other countries, is mostly because everything costs more.

Anyway, I'm getting offtopic and a little defensive ;)

What does everyone have "stacked"? ;)

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