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Emperor Harkonnen

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Yup, that's true!

And his name was Atreides, after his father. (Atreides=the son of Atreus)

Haven't you read Ilion at school??

Before the Greek army sets off to Troy, Agamemnon sacrifices his son "to have good winds" which will take them to Troy. His wife (I think Klutaimnestra /or something like that/) goes mad when she gets to know this, and she swears to kill her husband after he returnes from the war. When Agamemnon arrives at home with his concubine, Cassandra (who can see into the future, but Zeus put some sort of spell on her, or cursed her, and no one believes her after it /that's why Troy fell for the Greeks, because she knew, that there are Greek warriors in the Horse/ and she knew, that they are going to be killed by the mad wife) they take a bath, and this is when the wife strikes at them, and kills them.

That's Agamemnon's short story... ;D

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Ag. sacrifices Iphegenia, his daughter, because one of his men killed Artemis' sacred deer, so he had to pay for it else he would be trapped by Poseidon in Mycenae.

Clytemnestra (in English, but in greek, K/YTEMNHCTPH), along with her new lover, Aegisthus (or HGIC(-)OC Agamemmnon's cousin) kill them. Electra (H/EKTPH, another daughter) opposes Clytemnestra, but cannot do anything until Orestes, the son of Aga and Cly returns to avenge his father's murder - Killing Aegisthus and Clytemnestra- supposedly removing the curse of Atreus (in the play Electra).

And it's the Iliad, not Ileon. And "his name was Atreides" - Yes that was an epithet his, and of Menelaus.

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The Dune Encyclopedia says the Harkonnens are descendants of the Romanov's (the bloodlines of the Russian Czars).  Although the writer probably meant a close relative of the Romanov's, though, for obvious reasons (unless that old woman really was Anastasia :)).

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That's certainly useful, since Leto is Greek (was a woman's name...) and Paul was christened Paul Orestes Atreides (see above - NG: Paul also avenged his fathers death which was caused by his mother's side).

Harkonnen... Souunds germanic... could be one of the Kaiser's relatives, since Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm were related through Queen Victoria...

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Yes Nema I've been wondering about Letos name too, maybe it's a name for both females, like michel(le) and Kim etc.

Well I read some where that the Harkonnen descended from the Byzantine empire I can't remember where though :P

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