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  1. The Fremen knew of the effects of the Water of Life and used it to make their Reverend MOthers. They were taught this by a Reverend MOther in extremis following the Missionaria scheme (JEssica guesses). BEfore that other drugs were always used. However once they discovered how effective the Water of Life was no other drugs could match. Also, if a Reverend MOther was made one via Water of Life she couldn't be influenced by the other drugs. During Leto's reign the Reverend MOthers sometimes used the other drugs because they had a short supply of melange but it was comparatively ineffective. BAsi
  2. It never said they tried the Water of Life ceremony, but it only said that they tried to take the Truthsayer Drug.
  3. Yeah they were which means that they weren't machines. And Marty and Daniel refered to themselves as Tleilaxu creations and Face Dancers. Which means that they aren't machines either.
  4. The first chapter is available on the official website. Not real great but I guess it is a look at what is to come. Their mention of the Enemy chasing them is odd and out of place seeing as how little emphasis was placed on the enemy by them before. They really would have little idea that someone is coming for them. It doesn't seem likely at this point that the book will be any better than the others these two have written.
  5. Up untill the discovery by Jessica on Arrakis that they use the Water of Life the Bene GEsserit were not using it. Reverend MOthers became Reverend Mothers by using other awareness drugs.
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