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  1. I just finished reading Hunters. I enjoyed reading the House Series, and I struggled to finish the Jihad Series. To me, Hunters was almost up to the level of Houses. (Maybe because my expectations were so low). [HIDE]http://dune2k.com/forum/index.php?topic=18063.0 Those who want confirmation- that thread is fake. But there is a bit of SuperFriends feeling in the book![/hide]
  2. Dondo


    I said "Of Course", and I do that without any second thought because this will be the first time I've eer purchased it. (I've taped it from TV before)
  3. Thanks for noticing! It's been a busy summer with very little forumming (is that a word?), but I'll be visiting a little more now. And if I waste any more money on a BH/KJA book, I'll be here to talk about it. :P
  4. I've been waiting, and I wasn't in a rush since I taped it one of the countless times that Space! played CoD. But if Mahdi says it's never going to happen, I'll add the current version to my list of things to buy.
  5. Got it, read it, no surprises. ;) [hide] As we were all expecting, the origins of most of the groups of later books are explained. Also, I think we were all expecting the big bad for Dune 7 to be hinted at. Again, no surprise, there was one obvious one, and a "not so obvious" one. That's all you're getting from me! ;)[/hide]
  6. Now, the original question mentioned the bastard child. Although the child was never brought up again, I would suspect that if any danger from the future of that child existed, the Tyrant would have taken care of it. :D But you can be sure that if the Bene Gesserit knew of it, and thought that they could use the child in some way in a repaired breeding program, they would have tried (as long as it didn't threaten their access to the spice). Watch for it - "The Spawn of Feyd" trilogy, expected after the completion of Dune 8! ;D :O
  7. Andrew is right. In the grand plan, Jessica was to have had a daughter, the daughter was to become a Bene Gesserit, and she was to breed with Feyd. The spawn of these 2 was expected to be the KH. Since Jessica's breeding partner Leto died, the Bene Gesserit breeding program was broken at that time of his death, since Jessica didn't bear the daughter the breeding program required. Since the Bene Gesserit miscalculated and Paul was the KH a generation earlier than they expected, could it also have been possible that Feyd also had the capability to be a KH? Probably not - it seems to me that the extraordinary circumstances of Paul's life on Arakkis were what pushed those abilities forward.
  8. Thanks. I haven't seen this one for awhile.
  9. I'm waiting for a "Special Edition" DVD to be released before I purchase it. Have you heard any rumours?
  10. Dondo


    http://community.spacecast.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=004585 That's the boards for the Canadian sci-fi channel, SPACE.
  11. Dondo


    You have a gift! (or is it an obsession?) ;)
  12. Dondo

    Machine Crusade

    My copy arrived last night. I'll let you guys know in a couple days how I'm liking it. :)
  13. After finishing Chapterhouse, which I'm reading now, I will have read the original six twice, and the 4 new books also. I read the original books the first time about 10 years ago (maybe longer) but seeing the mini-series made me want to re-experience the whole thing. I'm enjoying the new series too.
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