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  1. What's a minotaurus good for? --------------------------------- 1. It's good if put on a hill. 2. It's good if used wiyh a carryall. 3. It's good if you is having either an assult or a siege. 4. It's good with fragile fast units. --------------------------------- :-BAD :'( 1. It's bad against many units. 2. It has a slow reload rate. 3. It's not fast. 4. SandWorms!!!!! ---------------------------------
  2. Whats the best to have? 30 Sadukars or 30 Fremen or 30 Contaminators??????? ::) ::) ::)
  3. Do gholas have spirits?? ???
  4. What's the best, a Sadukar or a Fremen?? ???
  5. I don't think you would do the same in the later levels?? ::)
  6. Shut up!! if u don't like this don't read this okey!!
  7. As an old player i suggest to start with:- ------------------------------------------ 1. The turrets as these are defencive. 2. Then i build an army to attack with. 3. Make a second one to with your best soldiers. 4. I suggest to make friendship with the sadukar as soon as possible. 5. Build 20 primary sard and 5 secondary sards. 6. Position the 1st army in the primary passage your enemy passes fromm. 7. Block her the way and position the second army where the enemy units are produced. 8. How you have to make the sards destroy the buildigs. ------------------------------------------
  8. So if you had to built an alliance with them you wouldn't. ::)
  9. Are these good?? They have heavy armour but they are slow. Even a snail can beat them! ;D
  10. The last time I played the mino won. -------------------------------------------- The Ordos Kobra has a disvantage although. The Mino willdestroy part his health in the time the Kobra takes to deploy.
  11. I don't know which is the strongest the Minotaurus or the Kobra? ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mino. 1. Mino has four cannons. :) 2. Slow in reload. :( 3. Slow in movement. :( Kobra. 1. One cannon. :- 2. Fast reloading. 8) 3. Miedium velocity in movement. ;) ----------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Fremen are good but the Sar have hevier Armour.
  13. In this you are really not lieing. ;)
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