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About Me

I'm Fan of Rpg, Rts & Mmo Genre. Dived into Comp. Gaming with white C-64 in early 90's. Later came Golden Amiga 500-600. Pc "IBM & Compaq" came around -95, but actual dive into Pc World happened in 6004. After camp change i kept Amiga in the circle for a long time. Some fav Amiga games: Dune 1&2, Cannon Fodder, Civ1, Skidmarks, Megalomania & Flashback. There are Dozen + Great Ones. Amiga's OS called Workbench was / is amazing. C-64 came back (Uglier Ver.) cause of Retro Boom.

Not long ago was announced that Amiga also gets same treatment as it comes for sale at early next year. Sadly it's a bit bulky design & has small games collection (hope can dl more a while after released) & no Tac-2 joystick. I started my Mmo career early 6005 (2005). When Gaming Remember that it's meant for Relaxing <3 Kindly: Fedaygin Pst: "Recycle & Use less single Plastic. Use Fabric Bag for Groceries & in General. Easy Steps to help Animals, Environment & Humans." [Ask Shops & Companies to change Plastic Containers to Bio Friendly.]

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