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  1. Everyone go support inc. Dune movie on Cinema & share the good word about it :cool: Shame on HBO's suits for doing same crap move with Dune as they did with Suicide Squad 2 by releasing at same time in HBO Max & Cinemas. Suits at HBO should've added at least €10 prem. access for both when streaming via HBO Max Library. I've been satisfied subber on HBO's Streaming service since early this year (HBO Nordic, but merges with HBO Max on Oct.) & no axing plans :)

    Plan is to watch beautiful inc. Arrakis movie on Cinema & later at HBO Max at least once a month for first three months :wub: The planned new Arrakis series & sequel or movie Trilogy's arrival (Yes Arrival is also great from Villeneuve) relies on how this first Movie does in box office a.k.a revenue. Wish good rest of the year to everyone o/ #LongLiveTheFighters #FanOfDuneBooks #FanOfDuneTvAndGames

    Nice new covers for new prints. I like the ones from early -80's.jpg

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