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  1. The worst treatment I've had is being accused of cheating on Jedi Knight. I finally had to stand in one spot and let the other players kill me to prove I wasn't cheating. Then one of the other players stole my backpack of equipment. Insult to injury or what?
  2. I have never played NWN but I did all of the BG's. As far as CRPG's go they are the best handsdown. The Diablo's were fun but when I died it was "oops I died". When I played BG especially BG2 when I died it was "You dirty SOB I'm comin' for you!!!" The BG Chronicles were simply better RPG's.
  3. I liked; Gladiator; love the scenery Braveheart; gotta dig the humanity Event Horizon; just screwy Exorcist; hands down scariest movie ever made Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan One other great movie off the top of my head nobody seems to have mentioned is 'Dark City'. Sleeper hit but damn worth seeing.
  4. I was not particularily fond of the BH Dune Prequels. I think it was mostly because I found the books to be similar to Star Trek or Star Wars books. (I know K.J.A.) They felt more like factory churned out drivel than the majesty and potency delivered by F.H. I found that reading the Dune Encyclopedia felt more in the spirit of FH than BH. I do wish that BH and KJA would use the Dune Encylopedia as canon as opposed to whatever they dream up. (ie. cyborgs, discovery of axlotl tanks, character of the Old Duke, ignorance of Shaddam, etc, etc.)
  5. GEoD was the most 'boring' but I enjoyed it anyway. I do not include Brian's books with the original six because I find them so distasteful and shallow. The indiscrepancies and blatant contradictions begin to wear thin. I possible everyone should read the Dune Encyclopedia, it is quite good. Unfortunately I will admit that I will continue to read the Brian books as they are DUNE.
  6. I have seen some discussion on ghola vs clone but have yet to see anyone mention that one of the fundamental differences between a ghola and a clone is that a ghola is a being grown from the cells of a dead body. A clone is created from the cells of a still living being. That the original is dead is one of the most interesting aspects of a ghola. The ghola, when reawakened, will remember his / her own death (or in Duncan's case; deaths). Imagine the psychological impact of remembering your own death.
  7. I agree the Dominion War did kick ass. If you people want to talk bad Trek Voyager is always a can that needs to be kicked. Shall we discuss the loser Janeway or perhaps her sidekick the ever complimenting Chakotay? At least in the other Treks they did not have a useless rattrollmutant working the galley.
  8. I would have to agree with the previous posts. Ghola's would have souls. Consciousness is beyond the flesh, so regardless of whether or not the same flesh has been used previously, does not mean that the 'copies' would not have a 'soul'.
  9. Paul is of course my favourite of all. But for supporting characters Thufir Hawat is the man. I especially enjoyed how the Baron was sure he had Hawat all figured out but truly had no clue as to how out - thought he was.
  10. I believe the Scattering was a result of the reality that the God Emperor would remain emperor for thousands of years. Leto ensured peace through his Fremen and later his Fish Speakers. Also his prescience ensured that he knew just about everything that was occuring. I believe that many of the powerful houses 'scattered' into the universe because Leto as emperor ensured that no one would be able to gain more power through any means. The only response to this was to flee into uncharted space.
  11. I noticed in these discussions a drawing of similarities between Dark Lords of the Sith and the Honored Matres. Lucas was using this term before Honored Matres were mentioned in Heretics of Dune.
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