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  1. so the maps are from Herectic Alliances missions?
  2. I played the last missions and... They are the same map but the base just switch places Makes me remember of your last missions of your General Sardukar Campaign There are also some misspellings in the briefings
  3. cool i will try the new campaign :)
  4. Sounds interesting I will try it From which campaigns are your challenges?
  5. Can you change the name of "sardUkar" to sardaukar?
  6. What does CHOAM stand for? Cooperative Help Of Arrakis Members or what -_-
  7. Has anyone beaten Harkonnen mission 9 version A(original) with no turrets?
  8. because your other campaigns i have tanks /normal) instead of grenadiers
  9. OK, it altered the game for bad and now everything is bad but dont worry Not playing your campaign isnt the end of the world
  10. I will try to do that, thanks for the support I was saying that because i couldn't enjoy that ixian campaign because also when i built an Ixian Factory (it looked like a light factory) it only allowed me to build light vehicles and no deviator nor devastator, I could also crush units, and when i built ix research center i couyld only get soniic tank (IN THE HEAVY FACTORY) my PC is crazy :/
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