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  1. I would like to change the look of some units and if they turn out nice i will share them here! I want to try change the tanks to ww2 models. I remember in the past i managed to change the units somewhat by adding a faction logo on the side. I forgot completely where the files are and what program i can use. Any Help would be Awesome!
  2. I made a mission where i steal spice silos but spice never exceeds 75000. And when i give it 100.000 i just get some bin error stuff. So i was wondering is 75000 the maximum i can hold or do i need to build more silos myself to hold more? Thanks!
  3. Man i love this community and the awesome programs that were made around this old fantastic GEM dune 2000! Keep up the good work! and you all stay safe!
  4. Thanks again for the help! I was under the impression that Gruntmods keeps everything up to date! but apparently i was wrong! Thanks again m8 ps let me know what you think of the mission!? maybe hehe no stress : )
  5. Hey Fedaykin, Sound great and all but i just cannot find this editor you are talking about! When i hit D2k+ toolkit i get the following > I seen to be missing the structures option!? I just downloaded the recent gruntmods
  6. I was recently playing an old DOS Gem DUNE. Which got me motivated to make my own dune 2000 mission for some reason! I have The files down below if you want to try it? You do need one other program to run this https://www.tibed.net/tibed1/ you need to load the FunDune-Hard and write it to the game with that program then just launch the game normally with Gruntmods!! I integrated Super Weapons so unless you dont have access to this Tech you will loose so you have to be rather quick! Im sure you will manage! i did im not the best at this game. Anyway files down below hope you enjoy and pls do let me know what you think! : )FunDune-Hard.tib_A9V2.MIS
  7. Thanks for the reply! I really dont know where to find :> The editor can be found on the list of campaigns and tools - index.
  8. Hi all, Im playing around in D2kEditor and i see there are colors for the alloc. index. And i tried some nice greens like number 100 but in game it is black! Are there any numbers that work and look nice? I want deeper blues for Atreides and Deeper red for EVIL Harkonnen and yes also deeper Green For Ordos. Is this even possible?? Many Thanks!
  9. error.xcfLol Star port reinforcements cause this error msg i know nothing of what it means lol! Yeah i will try again tomorrow it didnt work loading custom attributes and custom image i get other error msg im to tired to fix now!
  10. Thats Clever! Thanks! oh i tried installing your tileset, I done everything the way you described it but i cant find it under tilesets!!??? i am using the latest editor now!
  11. So i been playing a bit and i noticed the AI not rebuilding turrets and rocket turrets? the value is set to 850 for TimeBeforeRebuilding is lower faster rebuild?? so say 200? thanks again!
  12. I Have setup discord but i will see i might join sometime @Fedaykin im as i told you more the solo guy haha. But im greatful for your help today!!!! Super AWESOME!
  13. I was just gonna Let you know it WORKS YES!!! Thank you my freind!! you helped me into a quick death!! haha! Its not too overwhelming like i said i have been doing this offline for many years but certain things i would have never guessed the things you helped me with today! I have some more time now cause you know CovID19 bla bla lol Uh that looks exciting the new tilesets how do i access this?
  14. Thanks for the feedback @Fedaykin ! Yes the tiles annoy me alot i cannot build on them! and thank you for pointing out some structures where placed on top still! Awesome to hear that you like the map style!
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