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  1. I have the registry for \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Westwood\Emperor , but nothing further down for \Options\Graphics. Is there somewhere else to look or another way to restore the original settings ? Or does anyone know how to root it out completely so that I can do a fresh install?
  2. I would do a clean install, but I would go to the setup file on the disk and right-click, then run as admin with Windows 98 compatiblity. Second after you install it download the patch file and run the patch file with Admin properties. Third I would go through the directory and click on all the exe. files and set them to Windows 98 compatibilty. Finally make sure you have the latest Nvidia drivers. The 275.33 drivers added open GL support back into the drivers which helps alot. Also the problem I had, turn off the target lines in the options. After that it should play just fine. I am using a quad core with no problems. I dont have to run it in single core format and I have 8 gigs of ram running so I hope this is helpful for you ....
  3. Yes I can confirm it does work. The game now plays fine except for the occasional stutter but it is workable. I was able to go through several single player missions and several rounds of skirmish.
  4. Couldn't believe my eyes. Awesome it does indeed work. Curious as to how you figured that out but many many thanks. I still get a small stutter every once in a while but the game is definately working. I wonder what in the great erg would make the game stall with target lines. Long live the fighters...
  5. What gruntlord is suggesting is that you try playing the game using a motherboard with integrated graphics built in instead of using a Nvidia graphics card. I am still hoping for a solution to the nvidia thing. I do not want to have to pull the graphic card out everytime I wish to play that game.
  6. No I didnt use the same drivers. What I am saying is that I am wondering what they (either Nvidia or MS) have changed for how they handle things with the drivers. The game works in Vista 64bit. I have a second computer with updated Vista 64 bit drivers in the house. The game runs fine on my sons machine. Unfortunately it is something in either the Windows 7 drivers for Nvidia or Windows 7 itself that has changed that is causing the problem. Given the problem with the more recent Nvidia drivers causing hardware failure and being pulled offline for download I am wondering if it is more on the Nvidia side.
  7. I have shut the game down when it hangs and what I have found is that windows is telling me that the graphic driver has quit working. What I am wondering is what changed in the way Nvidia or windows is handling graphic procedure calls between Vista and 7. I know that this game worked flawlessly on Vista 64 bit. The only problem was in doing the right tricks to install it. But ever since the beta for 7 this game has not worked. If I could find out just what changed then maybe we could find a fix.
  8. Thank you for that installer. Instead of using your integrated graphics for Dune2k I have an alternative solution for you. It seems to work for any of the old games like C&C and Star Craft for some unknown reason. If you open the screen resolution window and leave it open in the background then start the game it will work normally for some reason. I tried doing the same with Emperor with no sucess.
  9. What is the installer called ? And is it publicly avaiable? It has to be a Nvidia thing as far as Emperor I tried using just one core and 2 megs of ram with the same results. One question I am wondering is if it is using some form of Open Gl for the graphics. Windows 7 seems to have big issues with Open Gl, so far I have not been able to run Open Gl on Windows 7 though there is supposed to be a way with OpenGl 3.0
  10. Actually in regards to Dune2k I was wondering how you installed it with an 8 bit installer. I know the program will work if you can find an installer because I had it on another hard drive that it would work through at one time. Does anyone know how to change your audio acceleration to basic in windows 7? It used to be in the audio settings way back in XP but since Vista I have not found the slider.
  11. Gruntlord are you saying you got Dune2k to work on windows7? if So may I ask how you did.
  12. I tried running it with ram set at 2 gigs and using just a single core but it still is the same. I still feel that this is an Nvidia issue somewhere that I havent been able to solve within the Nvidia settings
  13. I am still using the 7100 RC 64 bit build. I haven't found any access to the RTM build and I figured if I am going to redo my HD when I get it I might as well wait till Oct when it comes out.
  14. Are you using Windows 7? If so how do you have it set up?
  15. I know I had this problem before and I am not sure how I fixed on a previous Windows install (XP I think). The game runs fine except when you select multiple units. Then the game stalls for a few seconds then jumps forward at super speed to catch up to where it should be if it had not stalled. Other than that game runs great. Windows 7 64 bit Intel Core 2 Quad q6700 8 gb ram Nvidia 9800 gtx+ Nvidia drivers from 6/18/09
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